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Dark Mode has become a big part of Microsoft’s design for Windows 10

Dark Mode has become a big part of Microsoft’s design for Windows 10 in recent years. Many native Windows apps have dark mode, and even the platform itself can now switch between light and dark. However, having granular control over Dark Mode has been complicated.

Many users like to have a universal aesthetic, which makes the OS-wide Dark Mode toggle in Windows Settings ideal. However, for those who want to be able to change individual services more easily, it’s more frustrating.

Dark mode is a feature in many apps and operating systems like MacOS and Android or iOS. It turns your windows black, changes the text and icons to lighter colors, and makes everything appear more shadowy. It’s a nice look if you prefer to work with darker tones, or prefer to work in darkened environments, where a bright screen can be harsh on the eyes. If you want to Buy Windows 10 Home CD Key, you can come to for help. is the best online store that has about 10 years of selling game currencies experience.

For example, it involves digging around in individual app settings. For Windows 10 itself, there is no way to easy toggle Dark Mode outside of opening the Settings app. One third-party developer is aiming to make switching between dark and light easier.Luna is a free open-source application that acts as an automatic Dark Mode switcher. It is available now on GitHub and allows users to schedule when to switch to the darker side of the OS.

Microsoft is so happy with its Dark Mode that it last month introduced a development kit for dev’s to include it on iOS apps.Microsoft says DarkModeKit was “designed and developed before Apple‘s official dark mode release”. With the open source kit, developers can build support for dark mode directly into their iOS 11 or later applications.