HUT 16 allows you to play through single player offline season

NHL 16 features a new skating too, that helps the player to move and act fast and precise. It will allow players to jump into passing lane at defense. It does not matter what your position is. As you know NHL 16 is a team game and every player is distinct. So it does not make any difference you are playing as defenseman, goalie or forward, NHL 16 will bequeath you with thrill and real Ice hockey gaming experience.

The short video above walks through the NHL 16 coins online single player offline options that arrive in September. The new modes include Season Mode to play with any of the 10 leagues all the way through playoffs. HUT also includes Single Player Seasons for a fantasy experience without playing online. Agostini also shares, “Be A GM has AHL/NHL integration, Fantasy Draft, Sim Intervention and a brand new feature in Player Morale. Be a Pro has the return of Sim to Next Shift, CHL/AHL integration, and a brand new player progression system.”

On defense, the precision skating should help make subtle positional moves like going from protecting on the right side of the net to protecting the left side. If a guy is on the half boards with the puck you don’t necessarily have to float one way and hope he moves there. Instead, you can just move left and right to stay in passing lanes. New puck pickups allow you to gather the puck better while on the move, which EA says should improve the flow of the transition game.

Ramjagsingh said that this adds more realism to the game. “The old version was more of a video game mechanic that we had in there,” he explained. “This is taking another step toward what you see in real hockey. It’s more intuitive. It’s more seamless. The end result is that your character is doing what you expect your character to do.” Other new additions include four-player couch co-op and online tournaments, which are being introduced with monthly playoffs at the end of seasons. EA Canada announced a full feature list earlier this year, looking to win back the favor of fans who were disappointed by NHL 16’s depleted feature set last year.

Surprisingly enough, my first game in NHL coins ended up being against a Montreal Canadiens fan, and, as a Leafs fan, it sparked a heated affair. He went up 2-0 in the first, but I ended up tying it in rapid succession, then won the game. Outside of him playing alone as one of my team’s rivals, the first thing I noticed when I set eyes on NHL 16 was its new prompts, which can be toggled on and off in the 1080p game’s menus. “We would like to congratulate Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane on this well-deserved honour of being chosen as the duo cover athletes,” said Adam Larry, NHLPA Director of Licensing and Associate Counsel. “Hockey fans show great passion and interest in the EA SPORTS video game franchise each year, and they will be pleased to see these two outstanding teammates grace the cover of NHL 16.”

In terms of NHL 16 features (full details here), Hockey Ultimate Team now allows you to play through single player offline season; Be a GM offers up the ability to not only go through the motions of draft day and manage your AHL affiliate team, but you can also manage the morale of individual players on your NHL roster throughout the season; and Be a Pro introduces a new progression system where how you play on the ice determined who you become in the NHL.

Right off the bat, we know that NHL 16 will mark the return of EASHL, touting input from the community, the massively popular mode is reimagined with a much greater focus on playing as a team. Gone are the days of XP gaining and leveling cards and unlocking boosts for your created player, instead focusing on a more simple class based system similar to what you would find in a game like Call Of Duty. Each class sounds like it is fitted with a pre-set overall and different pros and cons. A good example of this would be the sniper class, who is going to benefit from a wicked wrist shot and puck handling skills, but will lack in defense and playmaking abilities, where as a playmaker will have high passing and offensive awareness, but a bit more limited in terms of scoring ability. Stuff like speed and acceleration sounds like it will be the same across the board, meaning playing like a team and playing real hockey takes center stage over being a one man superstar and controlling the game alone.