Kyle Juszczyk, James Develin & Patrick DiMarco Are The Best Fullbacks In Madden 18

Exactly! They are a vital part of any team and EA has released the stats for the best full backs in Madden 18 and that is what we are looking at today. Ok so the full back may not be the most glamorous position, but how many times have you had victory snatched away from you because of a full back?

Kyle Juszczyk: San Francisco 49ers

Kyle Juszczyk

Juszczyk is the highest rated player on the whole 49ers squad and we think that he is going to be a lot of fun to play with. His awareness, speed, and accuracy are all rated in the 80’s and his agility and strength in the high 70’s so he is a very versatile player who is sure to be very popular in ultimate team. He is the highest rated full back in Madden 18 at 91.

James Develin: New England Patriots

James Develin

What we like about Develin is that he is the perfect player for those of you who want a full back who is just all about smashing the opposition by blocking runs. Rated at 84 overall, he is a real stand out player on the Patriots squad. His strength rating is 87 which is the highest out of all the full backs that are in Madden 18.

Patrick DiMarco: Buffalo Bills

Patrick DiMarco

We like how with DiMarco you have a player who is pretty solid as a run blocker, Patrick DiMarco is rated at 84 as well, but he also can juke and spin a little so you might actually be able to score a few extra yards with him as well. we feel that he would be a very unsung hero on any Madden ultimate team. He may not be as flashy as the two above him.

It is also worth mentioning that Aaron Ripkowski of the Green Bay Packers and Andy Janovich of the Denver Broncos are also rated in the low 80’s as well. If you are excited for this year’s Madden make sure you are ready by taking a look at our Cheap and Safe Madden 18 coins !