Pokémon GO players are requesting refunds for in-app purchases

Recently the players are really dissatisfied with Pokémon GO. It remove the tracking from the app. And when they encounter Pokémon, it be really difficult to catch Pokémon if it’s useful. You just throw a ball, a ball and a ball. It’s just wasteful and doing nothing . As we all know, the game is an overnight game. And all the adult and young are staring at their phone and catch the virtual creatures in their smartphone screen overnight.

Pokémon is the old fashion and now it becomes a new fashion again. People are fascinated by the game mode and catching Pokémon. Here we do not talk about if it’s right to set partial Pokéstops and gyms in personal area.  Now players are upset over Niantic removing tracking from the app. In response, they are demanding that Niantic issue refunds for the lack of tracking. Pokévision is useful to track Pokémon. The Pokemon that are lower down on the list are likely to be three footsteps away, the ones in the middle are more likely to be two and those at the top are more likely to be one footstep away. The Pokemon closest to you will be listed as first on the tracker.

Latency may throw off the tracker a bit at times. Additionally, the tracker can let you know when to find new hunting spots. If you’re in a crappy spot, there won’t be many Pokemon on your tracker. When tracking disappeared, fans didn’t know why or for how long. Niantic announed that unofficial Pokémon Go mapping tools were a major strain on Niantic’s servers and preventing the game from expanding to further countries worldwide. That’s why the company shut off popular Pokémon location-tracking sites’ access to its data.“We have removed the ‘three-step’ display in order to improve upon the underlying design.

The original feature, although enjoyed by many, was also confusing and did not meet our underlying product goals. We will keep you posted as we strive to improve this feature. Cheap Pokemon Go Account But the players do not agree with them. According to an article by Kotaku, it reports that Pokémon GO players are requesting refunds for in-app purchases. They claiming they were to be used alongside tracking. Now that tracking is removed, their purchases are, to them, null and void — or useless.

Apparently, many of them are actually having their refund demands honored, as seen in a Reddit thread in which Reddit users who play Pokemon GO are sharing stories of how they are getting refunds from Niantic for in-app purchases. The automated process for refunds on iTunes seems to be going without a hitch according to many who got the app on Apple devices. For those who got the app through Google Play for Samsung devices, refunds on purchases are limited to 48 hours after the purchase. However, many Pokémon GO players are reporting success in getting their refunds by calling Google’s support.