Tap Titans 2 looks very detailed, in a light cartoonish style and beautiful animations

There are plenty of mobile games that offer complex mechanics, gameplay, and progression systems like Summoners War or Brawl Stars. But this is not required to have fun with a game. And thats where a tap game like Tap Titans 2 shines.

The premise of the game is very simple: You’re the Sword Master, the hero of legend (and TT1, I think) destined to kill hordes of titans. As the legendary hero, you sit in the middle of the screen and swing your sword, while waves of titans come and die. It’s considered both an idle and a clicker because you can summon heroes or use certain abilities that will attack for you, you can also tap the screen to do more damage. There are certain builds that emphasize either the idling or tapping strategy, with the more active builds being generally better.

As you might imagine this is a game that’s all about the numbers. The only challenge is taking out the bosses. Here you’ve got a time limit, and if you don’t murder them in time you’re dumped back into the ordinary fights to bulk up.

The adventure kicks off from the point where the first version ended. The powerful and indestructible sword master is back to defend the world from the invasion of extremely troubling and dangerous army of the “Titans”. Now what you will be doing is to equip the powerful sword master with all the latest weapons that are available to you. All the players will be dealing with 20 new items across ten different stages. You have the opportunity to induct new characters and provide them with loyal pets that can save you from the titans. Also you can unlock skills to enhance their power and design them the way you like.

The main thing they sell is gems, which can be earned in game, and then can buy pets (which give little stat boosts) and chests which give a mix of items that increase power. This costs a lot of money to get little reward (generally). Then, each new patch when there is a new equipment set with a unique set bonus, you can either earn that through game play and very random drops, or buy it for 25 USD., Finally, they added a season pass for $10 dollars that probably provides the best value, but, I really don’t approve of any pay to win encouragement. So you can go to https://www.z2u.com/tap-titans-2/Top-Up-2-15435 to buy cheap Tap Titans 2 Diamonds.

Many tapping games don’t focus that much on the look of the game, but Tap Titans different. The whole game looks very detailed, in a light cartoonish style and beautiful animations. For example, if you use the Heavenly Strike skill, your character jumps into the sky and cuts down your enemy with a powerful strike.

Graphics and animations are not the only important part of a game, as music and sound effects are also crucial to create an atmosphere. While playing the game, you can listen to an epic soundtrack, and if you perform any attack, you can hear unique sound effects.

But then this is a game designed to get on with it when you’re not there. Put it down for a while and you’ll end up with a huge chunk of cash to spend on making your soldiers stronger.There’s nothing particularly new here, but everything is nicely polished and the enemy design is pretty intriguing. Plus that compulsion loop makes the whole thing wonderfully addictive.It’s probably not going to stick in the mind for long, but while you’re playing it there’s a good chance you’ll have a smile on your face.

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Voxel-based sandbox sci-fi MMO Starbase was released on Steam as an early access title

Voxel-based sandbox sci-fi MMO “Starbase” was recently released on Steam as an early access title, giving would-be players a shot at trying out the game ahead of its full release. Fans of space sims, engineering and manufacturing games like “Factorio” and “Space Engineers” can expect a similar deal with “Starbase” but with a few twists.

Set in a universe of vast scale and detail, the fully-destructible environment and hybrid voxel/vertex-based game mechanics enable simulations in the game at immense depth; minor collisions may break a few outer plates from your spaceship, while fast-speed crashes can rip the ship apart. Thruster propellant pipe leaks may cause spaceships to stall, but the corrosive, leaking propellant might also melt the superstructure of the ship and cause a catastrophic failure. Damaged ship controls in a spaceship do not necessarily mean the journey is over, as manual values for the flight can be applied directly to the generator and thrusters from the engine room.

Frozenbyte warns interested players that they still consider this early access version an alpha release, with bugs and missing features, and to expect it to remain in early access for two more years. This initial release is largely to get people settled into mining and resource gathering. They said:

“After a short period of tranquil mining, ship and station designing and building, as well as relatively small-scale PvP engagements, the post-launch period will quickly start to heat up. The August updates will introduce Moon Bases & Mining and the massive-sized Capital Ships, while the September update that introduces Siege Mechanics will send the world into full-scale calamity, as player stations will become fully destructible and capturable.”

But if that doesn’t put you off,  Invitations to the alpha will be sent out in “moderate amounts” to start with, but numbers are expected to ramp up significantly over the next couple of months so Frozenbyte can “properly stress-test the game with massive player counts” ahead of the Early Access release, which is now slated to take place in early 2021.

All of these features rely on the interactions between the game’s community members. Players can go in alone or with a group of friends, starting from scratch until they can achieve efficient space travel. There are no NPCs in the game, which means almost every activity in the game is done by and between players.

Fully destructible environment and a multitude of fine-detailed simulations allow the players the ultimate freedom to conquer space by unleashing their creativity to design spaceships, stations, factories, find and exploit flaws in others’ creations, and build their way to galactic supremacy.

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