NCSoft’s Aion joins the nostalgic train of classic servers

Aion Classic has officially been confirmed to be coming.. yeah, no joke. I was equally as surprised to hear about it as I bet you guys no doubt are right this very moment.

NCSoft’s Aion joins the nostalgic train of classic servers and launches its own classic server later this month on June 23. The game had a classic overseas server for some time now, but yesterday the classic western server for Aion was officially confirmed. This classic version of Aion is launched in “the Americas”, which probably means both North America and South America. No word on a European launch, as the European version of Aion is licensed under Gameforge. The classic version will start with Aion version 1.0 and will introduce updates as the player base completes the content.
The Western operator specifies that Aion Classic takes the content of version 1.0 of the MMORPG, but some features of version 2.7 (better balanced and more optimized). Likewise, progression is smoothed out to be more accessible and allow players to progress more quickly to the maximum level.

The FAQ calls this a “global service” and calls it a “Western” launch rather than an Americas-specific launch, although Europe is still not specifically mentioned. The version will be basically consistent with the Korean version, with a similar treasury store as well, minus the “BMs that affect combat balance” so as not to disrupt PvP: “Korea is currently running the updated 1.7 version. Likewise, West will start with version 1.0 and then release update 1.5 / 1.7 depending on how quickly players progress through content, among other factors.

Now the most important part of all of this.. is that Aion Classic is going to be a paid game once again, requiring players pay a monthly subscription fee to play the game, much like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.

Although in an attempt to not run into the same issues it did the first time round by forcing players to pay to play it, the devs have revealed that you’ll also be able to log in and play the game completely free.. for 1 hour per day.

In terms of business model, Aion Classic will be distributed free-to-play, and complemented by an optional paid offer. More concretely, each day, the first hour of play will be boosted (with increased gains of experience, Kinah, items), before the gains are reduced beyond this first hour. To overcome the restriction, you will need to invest in a Siel’s Aura ($ 15 for 30 days, $ 42 for 90 days) and thus enjoy the boosted earnings without a time limit.

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