Starting the Fallout 76 Tracking Unknowns Quest is Easy

As you approach Harpers Ferry for the first time, you should receive a miscellaneous quest called Investigate Harpers Ferry; once you get this, make your way into the settlement, keeping one eye open for Scorched and Super Mutants. Bear in mind that the minimum recommended level for this area is 30. The miscellaneous quest should mark three different terminals around the derelict town; go to any one of these and read the Missing Persons, topic, then select Missing Hunting Party.

That’s why rare Fallout 76 weapons are so alluring: they’re powerful, can be outfitted with plenty of new and interesting mods, and are great to show off to your friends. You can find these rare weapons in seemingly innocuous spots around the Appalachian wasteland, but they won’t always spawn there.

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The online confusion began last week when reports of PC refunds began to surface on Reddit. Players claimed Bethesda had sent their money back almost instantly once they’d sent a support ticket listing reasons for needing a refund. This seemed unusual, particularly given the terms and conditions for Fallout 76 on the Bethesda launcher state you cannot apply for a refund once the software has been used. According to Todd Howard, who said as much during Bethesda’s E3 presentation; the Fallout 76 map is supposedly four times the size of that of Fallout 4. Given that the world needs to support dozens of players, the expanded size makes sense.

The other key difference is that the map’s six regions each have their own unique aesthetic. Whereas Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4’s worlds were mostly the same sort of blasted wasteland, West Virginia’s wasteland will be a bit more diverse. Various details can be gleaned from the different trailers and NoClip’s Fallout documentaries about what each region will be like. A full list of every confirmed location in Fallout 76 can be found here.¬†Feel free to surf to our web:¬†FO76 Caps.

Like the Free States faction, it’s likely that the Enclave members in West Virginia are all dead. However, their secret bunker could be a major location in Appalachia, and could even be a key part of the game’s storyline, especially given that Vault 76 would have been monitored by the Enclave at the Poseidon Oil Rig. Indeed, that bunker could still contain robots and automated systems which could prove troublesome for players.

Now that you have a build, you can have the Bot reset all your SPECIAL points back to 1. This allows you to level again, allocating points in a different way. After 50 levels, you now have a second build. The quest unlocks again and you can return to the BOT and lock in your second Build. So for example, at level 50, you saved a perception build, and 100 you now have a strength build. Continue you this for however many builds it is determined is the max number of builds you can have.

Be sure to watch the full video in the embed above to get the rundown on the failures of Fallout 76’s storytelling elements and how things could have been different using one of the many alternate approaches.