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IGG has released the Omega Legends game on an international scale

IGG has released the Omega Legends game on an international scale, including Vietnamese language support, so domestic players can experience it easily. This product belongs to the battle royale genre with 3rd perspective combat.

The basis of Omega Lengeds is that of a full-scale battle royale, facing up to 60 players on an island with different locations and the most diverse areas. This island is medium in size and has well differentiated places to give variety to each game, being able to explore different corners of the map in each encounter.

In order to prepare for the launch of the game in our country and also in Mexico, today at Vandal we bring you a series of tips and tricks that will help you take your first steps in Omega Lengeds and that will make your life easier at the same time. time to get your first victory

Choose Your Best Character
Well, one of the uniqueness of this Omega Legends game is that there are various characters with different abilities that you can use in the game. So before entering the war arena, you can choose what character to use.

Choose your best character, so that you can easily win the match.

Fire friend
When we shoot our teammates we won’t be able to damage them, but be careful, the grenades are affected by friendly fire .. So before throwing a grenade, check if there are teammates in the area since you could knock them down and it would affect the departure. If we are with a smaller map with few players, a well thrown grenade can mark the final result, to one side or the other.

Use the sickest weapon
Of course, if you want to win the game in Omega Legends, then you need to use weapons that hurt. When you land in a place, you will find various items including weapons.

You need to find the best weapon that will be used during the game. One of the uniqueness of this game compared to other Battle Royale games is that the weapons in Omega Legends have a level. The higher the level of your weapon, of course, the sicker it will be.

Kills aren’t everything
Patience is crucial in this game. Try not to go straight for a player and study the strategy well. Knowing when to attack and when to protect yourself is part of the tactical intelligence of the game. Make use of the character’s abilities, play well with the jump and crouch buttons, to make it difficult to kill. With practice we will be able to ensure each of the movements, we will automate them and it will be easier to win games.

Equipment Upgrades
Another uniqueness of Omega Legends is that you can upgrade equipment by buying it. Whether it’s upgrading weapons, upgrading equipment (Helmet, Armor, Gloves, or Boots), to upgrading the weapon attachments you use.

So besides there are items for war, you will also find money that is used to upgrade your equipment.

The game’s in-game visuals and graphics are close to Epic Games’ Fortnite. Omega Legends is constantly optimized to provide the smoothest experience on all devices. Anti-fraud system and weapons transaction exemption policy to maintain fair competition while gaming.

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