2019 Spring NBA 2K19 Player Rating Update with Substantial Card Giveaway

The latest NBA 2K19 ratings and badge update are live, and James Harden looks like the Houston Rockets’ James Harden and Dallas Mavericks’Luka Doncic are among those who got a boost for their recent performances. However, there’s one player in particular who really surged in terms of his 2K19 player ratings and he also plays in the Lone Star State.

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NBA 2K19 Player Ratings & Badge Update: Derrick White, Harden, and a Young New


Harden 96 Rated Card Available

The Houston Rockets’ superstar has been in MVP form. He’s averaging a career-best 33.9 points per game this season. Most recently, Harden has averaged 39 per contest in January, and that is on pace to raise his level from December when he put in 36.4 points per night. Tack on Harden’s 8.6 assists, and six rebounds per game with the Rockets’ resurgence despite injuries to Chris Paul, and it looks like the MVP award might belong to The Beard again this year. There’s no question Harden is deserving of the rating spike. 2K moved him up from a 94 overall to a 96.


5 Overall Rating Improvement Derrick White

The winter of this week’s most improved player title should be given to Derrick White, if you as me which team he serves for – It’s San Antonio Spurs. White is in just his second season and has improved to averages of 8 points, nearly three rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game this season. His recent game log shows off back-to-back Spurs’ wins in which he recorded 19 points each time. In the game prior to that, he tallied 17 points, five boards, and two assists. He now gets the in-game recognition from 2K19.


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Nene Takes the Furthest Drop

If you’re wondering which player took the most significant drop, it was the Rockets’ Nene. The veteran has been hurt much of the year, and even though Nene made his season debut on December 1, he has played sparingly, causing minimal impact in the process. Nene is down three rating points to a 74.


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Warriors title should be given to James Harden, who score total 1,023 points during regular seasons and playoffs, an authentic scorer in NBA history and enough to mentioned when talking about Jorden and Kobe. One of them is Klay Thompson, who seemed to have lost his scoring touch for a stretch of games. That touch is certainly back. In fact, it was so good he now has a “Catch and Shoot” badge as part of this 2K19 update. The reason for the badge is his recent game in which he dropped 43 points on the New York Knicks. He dribbled the ball just four times to achieve that result.


His teammate Stephen Curry also popped up in the new NBA 2K19 player ratings update. Unfortunately, it was for a one-point drop. “Chef” Curry is now rated at 95, just a point below Harden. That’s still pretty great for the two-time NBA MVP who is among the game’s top shooters, along with Klay. The young new named Jeffery, he is a talent basketball player in Brooklyn who attend NBA in 2014 and make his first 3pt in 2015 in regular matches in Seattle when engaging with Lakers.

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