Blizzard has made a change to subscription rates for World of Warcraft

Blizzard has made a change to subscription rates for World of Warcraft that has not sat well with some users. From now on you will no longer be able to buy game time for 30, 90 or 180 days and only 60 days of game time will be available, at a price of 25.99 euros and from the Blizzard store.

Blizzard also adds that the game time acquired before this change will not be affected and that “currently, the options and price for WoW and WoW Tokens subscriptions remain unchanged,” meaning that players will continue to be able to purchase and enjoy the monthly subscription to play.

There is some confusion on this matter, so the forums have clarified things somewhat. The subscription model remains the same as before, you can continue to opt for a subscription of 30, 90 or 180 days. You can also continue paying with Wow Tokens, which do not undergo any change. Game times previously purchased will not be affected by this change; therefore, this change has only affected the playing time, the rest is maintained.

This will not affect the more traditional subscriptions to Wow that include recurring payments. One, three and six month recurring subscription options are still available. Blizzard cited a “review” conducted as the reason for this change.

The Blizzard move seems to be encouraging players to use recurring subscription options instead of single options.

Often, players use the Game Time subscription option because they can farm the game gold to purchase them. Making 60 days the only option has the potential for negative side effects on players who grow gold to pay for their replacement month by month.

WoWhead speculates that this change could be a move to fight the World of Warcraft bot, which uses WoW tokens to pay for 30-day passes. These can be used to pay for game time using your account balance, but are not accepted as a payment method. For recurring subscriptions. Some players believe this is an activision-Blizzard revenue-boosting move and suffer from the inability to purchase a 30-day pass. This is especially true for players who only occasionally participate in the game.

Of course, there are alternatives: as the 30-day subscriptions are still active, you can buy a one-month subscription and cancel it once the first payment has been made, so that you will not be charged the following month. And as long as you have enough gold in the game, you can redeem it for WoW Tokens.

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eMLS Cup will take place on March 20-21

March 17 – The eSports football season is hotting up with UEFA’s eEuro 2021 qualifiers having started on Monday and the eMLS Cup finals in the US starting this weekend.

The eEuro 2020 tournament sees all 55 of UEFA’s member national associations taking part in the qualifiers, with the final to be held the day before the final of the Euro2020 final, on July10.
eFootball PES 2021
NEW YORK and REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Major League Soccer’s esports league, eMLS, and Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA), today revealed the full details for the 2021 eMLS Cup presented by Coca-Cola. On March 20-21, the top EA SPORTS™ FIFA players in North America will compete for a league record $40,000 eMLS prize pool. Throughout this week, fans will also have an opportunity to purchase a new limited-edition eMLS jersey, earn prizes through giveaways, participate in social campaigns, and compete in an amateur competition.

In celebration of eMLS Cup, eMLS debuted a limited-edition eMLS Cup jersey, developed in collaboration with adidas, on Monday. Net proceeds from jersey sales will benefit Special Olympics.

Fans and players alike will also have an opportunity to take to the virtual pitch in the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 PS4™ Tournament: eMLS Fan Challenge, where the top 64 EA SPORTS FIFA players will each walk away with prizing, and the grand prize winner will receive a PlayStation®5 console. In anticipation of eMLS Cup and MLS season return, eMLS and Coca-Cola are also teaming up for the ‘Sip & Scan’ sweepstakes, where fans can grab a Coke and scan the can for a chance to win MLS gear, Coca-Cola prizes, eMLS Cup jerseys, and more.

2021 eMLS Cup

The 2021 eMLS Cup will be played on PlayStation 4 across two days and will feature 12 players competing in a two-day, single-elimination bracket.

Eleven of those players qualified for spots in the first two events of the eMLS season, eMLS League Series 1 and 2 presented by Coca-Cola. The final spot will be determined in a “Last Chance Qualifier” on March 16-17 amongst 16 players who did not qualify. In addition to a cash prize and a trophy, the top three eMLS Cup competitors will qualify for the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Global Series North America Playoffs.

“The inaugural UEFA eEURO was an undoubted success, with over 15 million people having watched competition footage across UEFA’s platforms. We have seen a massive growth in the popularity of efootball over the past few years and eEURO 2021 will continue to give us the opportunity to connect with new and existing fans of national team football,” said UEFA marketing director Guy-Laurent Epstein.

The 2021 eMLS Cup schedule will be as follows (all times in EST):

Saturday, March 20 (Opening Rounds)

3:20 – Phil “PhilB” Balke (TOR) vs LCQ Winner
4:00 – Guillermo “Kid M3mito” Trevino (CHI) vs Cormac “Doolsta” Dooley (NSC)
5:00 – Alexander “Alekzandur” Betancourt (SKC) vs Gordon “Fiddle” Thornsberry (CIN)
6:00 – Macisse “Cisseszn” Diop (PHI) vs Giuseppe “Godfather” Guastella (LAG)
7:00 – QF 1 – George “Adamou” Adamou (NYRB) vs Kid M3mito OR Doolsta
8:00 – QF 2 – Christopher “Didychrislito” Holly (NYCFC) vs PhilB OR LCQ Winner

Sunday, March 21 (Quarterfinals – Final)

3:20 – QF 3 – Mohamed “KingCJ” Diop (DCU) vs Cisseszn OR Godfather
4:00 – QF 4 – John “xbLeU” Garcia (AFC) vs Alekzandur OR Fiddle
5:00 – SF 1 – Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF 3
6:00 – SF 2 – Winner QF 2 vs Winner QF 4
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IGG has released the Omega Legends game on an international scale

IGG has released the Omega Legends game on an international scale, including Vietnamese language support, so domestic players can experience it easily. This product belongs to the battle royale genre with 3rd perspective combat.

The basis of Omega Lengeds is that of a full-scale battle royale, facing up to 60 players on an island with different locations and the most diverse areas. This island is medium in size and has well differentiated places to give variety to each game, being able to explore different corners of the map in each encounter.

In order to prepare for the launch of the game in our country and also in Mexico, today at Vandal we bring you a series of tips and tricks that will help you take your first steps in Omega Lengeds and that will make your life easier at the same time. time to get your first victory

Choose Your Best Character
Well, one of the uniqueness of this Omega Legends game is that there are various characters with different abilities that you can use in the game. So before entering the war arena, you can choose what character to use.

Choose your best character, so that you can easily win the match.

Fire friend
When we shoot our teammates we won’t be able to damage them, but be careful, the grenades are affected by friendly fire .. So before throwing a grenade, check if there are teammates in the area since you could knock them down and it would affect the departure. If we are with a smaller map with few players, a well thrown grenade can mark the final result, to one side or the other.

Use the sickest weapon
Of course, if you want to win the game in Omega Legends, then you need to use weapons that hurt. When you land in a place, you will find various items including weapons.

You need to find the best weapon that will be used during the game. One of the uniqueness of this game compared to other Battle Royale games is that the weapons in Omega Legends have a level. The higher the level of your weapon, of course, the sicker it will be.

Kills aren’t everything
Patience is crucial in this game. Try not to go straight for a player and study the strategy well. Knowing when to attack and when to protect yourself is part of the tactical intelligence of the game. Make use of the character’s abilities, play well with the jump and crouch buttons, to make it difficult to kill. With practice we will be able to ensure each of the movements, we will automate them and it will be easier to win games.

Equipment Upgrades
Another uniqueness of Omega Legends is that you can upgrade equipment by buying it. Whether it’s upgrading weapons, upgrading equipment (Helmet, Armor, Gloves, or Boots), to upgrading the weapon attachments you use.

So besides there are items for war, you will also find money that is used to upgrade your equipment.

The game’s in-game visuals and graphics are close to Epic Games’ Fortnite. Omega Legends is constantly optimized to provide the smoothest experience on all devices. Anti-fraud system and weapons transaction exemption policy to maintain fair competition while gaming.

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