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Pavlov VR update that introduces WWII weapons as well as maps to the game

World of War Machines – WW2 Strategy Game is developed by Bigbreakgames and launched on ios and android device! It’s 1938. And the world finds itself on the brink of war yet again. Europe is faced with the threat of a resurgent Germany under fascist leadership.

There are a handful of VR games trying to be the headset-wearing equivalent of Counter-Strike or Call Of Duty. Pavlov VR is one such modern military shooter, only it’d quite like to be Day Of Defeat or Medal of Honor, too. Released on Thursday, update 24 – also known as the WW2 update – adds Axis, Allied and Soviet weapons and player models to the game – and fully functioning tanks.

The new massive Pavlov VR update is already live and features weapons from both the Allied and Axis powers including the USSR, Nazi Germany, US and Britain. The update adds a total of 18 new guns, six grenade variations as well as three new rocket launchers to the VR shooter.

 World of War Machines - WW2 Strategy Game

Apart from the WWII tanks, the new update also brings a new mode known as ‘Tank TDM’ which provides a 10v10 for the bigger maps that can be navigated with tanks.

Medal of Honor offers the better and more cards – but thanks to the workshop support from Pavlov, this lead will quickly melt away. There are already 13 cards there that support the WW2 update. More will follow, including the classic cards from the old Call of Duty and Medal of Honor titles (background), some of which made it into the workshop years ago.

More updates are also expected to follow this year, bringing more content to the modern Pavlov, including new maps, more weapons and a stronger focus on faction-based game modes. Until Monday there is a 40 percent discount on the purchase price on Steam.

The update comes free as a part of the base game, which is available for PC VR headsets on Steam for $15 (currently 40% off $25 MSRP). You can check out the full list of updates coming to Pavlov VR here.

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