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What does the second Madden 21 Franchise update include?

The second of three planned updates to enhance the long-neglected Franchise Mode through Madden NFL 21 is scheduled to go out tomorrow. The first, which released in November, was significant in that it was the start of what was promised to materialize over the coming months but was far from being satisfying to those eager for improvements. This update though offers much more substance in the form of commissioner controls and draft logic improvements.

What does the second Madden 21 Franchise update include?
Other improvements focus on making your Franchise unique:

Commissioner Controls: Undo FA Signings – Offseason Only – Accessible through the transaction log. Simply highlight the player to revert the signing.
Commissioner Controls: Team Override Settings – Levels the playing field by toggling on and off individual settings for Heat Seeker tackling, Ball Hawk, and Switch assist.
Commissioner Draft Tools – Players are finally able to assign autopilot on during the draft, as well as pause proceedings.
Commissioner House Rules: Play Cool-Down and Repeat Play Limits – Sick and tired of being beaten by the same play time and time again? House Rules are now also available in Franchise mode after appearing in Madden Ultimate Team last year. Restrict the amount of times a play can be called, or put a cool-down timer in place, the choice is yours!
Commissioner Setting – X-Factor Customization Restrictions – Restrict who is able to edit player X-Factor abilities: Commissioner only, Any User or None.

Last but not least, there will be a new tile available in the Franchise Mode display that lets gamers see Super Bowl wins and key award winners for each year of a franchise. Those award winners on display include MVP, Coach of the Year, Offensive/Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and Super Bowl MVP.

This isn’t the first time that Franchise mode has been updated due to fan requests and issues. The first round of updates that came out earlier on in the game’s cycle covered multiple issues, such as the ability to add X-Factor and Superstar traits to any player as a commissioner, or the ability to balance players so that there is a fairer amount of those improved players in a match. All of these were done to improve the flow of gameplay and prevent players from having to restart their progress.

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New Madden 21 Zero Chill Content Drops

With many people on a holiday break, EA’s Madden 21 Ultimate Team has been getting plenty of new content. From Christmas Day and over the weekend, there were new Legends, Out of Position, and Ghosts player items. On Monday, December 28, more Madden 21 Zero Chill content arrived as a group of Ghost Pack Masters and OOP player cards dropped.
madden 21 zero chill
When is Zero Chill Madden 21?
Let’s get into the good stuff. The full list of players in Zero Chill, Frozen Players, and Snow Beasts.

Zero Chill

95 Charles Woodson (Master)
95 Derrick Henry (Master)
93 Zach Ertz
93 Kenyan Drake
93 Odell Beckham Jr
93 Geno Atkins
93 Justin Houston
93 Malcolm Jenkins
89 TY Hilton
89 Josh Allen
87 Xavier Woods
87 Carson Wentz
85 L.J. Fort
85 Greg Van Roten
83 Cody Whitehair
83 Taron Johnson
81 Robert Tonyan
81 Zach Cunningham

We talked about some of the released content in this year’s version of Zero Chill. Two of the best cards in Zero Chill are a 95 OVR Charles Woodson (Master) and a 95 OVR Derrick Henry (Master). Players that earn either of those two cards are sure to be set moving forward in their seasons.

The ninth sequence in the How The Grouch Won MUTmas sequence also arrived on Monday, December 28. It’s called Mr. Grouch is Comin’ To Town. This new sequence is worth a total of 3,500 Coins and another 35 Stars towards the various milestones in Zero Chill.

These sequences have basically provided Zero Chill rewards including Chill Factor upgrades, Snow currency, and Beast Food, among other items for the promotion. This one ends on January 4th, so make sure to complete as much as possible before that date arrives if you want to take advantage of the Madden 21 Zero Chill grind.

Snow Beasts
These players will start at an 80 OVR Snow Beast as a Chill Factor reward. Earn Beast Food Collectibles by increasing your chill factor rank to unlock chemistries, ability slots, and upgrade your Snow Beast to an 93 OVR.

Marshon Lattimore
Jason Kelce
Eddie Jackson
Lamar Jackson

Madden 21 players can not have asked for a better start to Zero Chill than this. It will be fun to see what EA does moving forward with the event over the next couple weeks.

Other notable cards are the 93 OVR Zach Ertz, 93 OVR Odell Beckham Jr., and 93 OVR Kenyan Drake. There are a bunch of players that can be upgraded to 90+ OVR via sets and challenges.

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