There will be significant growth in the new introduction of the dual-core model of NBA 17

In this year’s “my team” model, the new introduction of the “dual-core” model, is to the right on the two players together, the corresponding value of the player’s cards, there will be significant growth. As an example, if Craig – Thompson and Stephen – Curry played together on their ability to move three points will simultaneously increase. But there will be bad times, such as the Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson on the same roster in, there will be very disastrous consequences, like putting diesel added to gasoline in the car the 2k17 coins

LeBron ability value of 85?
In this system, there are more than 10 kinds of color cards, than the previous generation game exactly twice. This means that there will be more cards, and more collections grades generation game. So when you are able to get a capability value and the Howard 2K16 like LeBron James, do not be nervous, there will be more LeBron James will be released out.

Stronger physical contact
In 2k17, you will find the biggest change is to change the role of physical contact game aspects, one will find that if a player hit together, they will not be the same as before the body has a smooth, the game will be more realistic simulation of the body after the collision exhibited normal reaction. And when you rushed the crowd when, might also lead to conflict, people will only change the physical actions in the air and so on. And when the end of the player dunk, basketball falls behind, there will likely hit the cameraman, fans, etc., as long as the people in the game, will become a real person exists in that space.

Arm also has a role
Unlike the previous game, the arm just a “decoration” as your arm, your opponent’s arm, arm everyone will have a role. When you get started, you’ll find your teammates than ever in this one pass knockdown stronger, you can even pick off a pass empty – good enough as long as you bounce. Steals in NBA has become a very important means of technical data and instructions.

Authenticity of the game and do the extreme
Curry has entered the third on an unprecedented level, but did not set a separate three-point shooting ability of individual library systems prior to the game, such as the ability to one-third of the vote in the midfield but 2k17, the designer they did a separate optimization is to make more realistic the game itself. All the players signature moves are like a scene from a real burn down, and then remains intact on the screen in the game.

Ball movement is not “single sport”
At the beginning of the demo, you may vote before throwing 10 shots. This is because a single locus in the air compared with the conventional basketball, 2k17 richer basketball trajectory, more detailed terms, 2k17 where basketball is more like a real basketball, rather than simply as a standard rocket during launch. Such a result is a lot of unpredictability shot there, closer to the real game process. 2k17 designed to allow players to have a real feeling of basketball administration, rather than the feeling after launch button a bunch of data.

2K musical feast
The game itself is designed for all ages, so in all selected tracks must be so that everyone can understand and accept the type of music. 2K17 invited to the famous musician and music composition Drake, FUTURE, etc. to participate in music production. In order to cater to foreign players and even set up more non-English tracks.

Pokémon Go is coming to the Apple Watch

Pokémon Go will soon be available on the Apple Watch, Niantic Labs announced at today’s Apple event. Niantic CEO John Hanke took the stage at Apple’s Wednesday event to announce that Pokémon Go players had already collectively walked 4.6 billion km—and that’s just when players had their phones out to track steps. Pokémon Go for Apple Phone will do players one better by tracking their steps when their phones are in their pockets, which will aid the game’s “egg hatching” system (which requires walking no less than 5km per egg to hatch)The Apple Watch app will display how far the player needs to walk to hatch an egg, the required experience points to reach the next level, and additional info about the player’s fitness.The app will also let players see when a pokémon appears or when a pokéstop is nearby without looking at their smartphone..

This version of Pokémon Go won’t allow players to check a live map and throw Pokéballs; instead, it will alert walking players that certain Pokémon characters are nearby, at which point players can choose to turn their phones on and load the default app to try to catch the creature in question. The presentation didn’t confirm whether or not players will be able to disable those alerts for lower-level creatures, so there’s no telling whether players’ wrists will buzz endlessly with alerts about piddly Pidgeys.

In good news, the watch interface will let players interact with Pokéstops and grab their free items and XP. Its interface will also quickly show players how much XP they need before leveling up. Ultimately, this looks like a pretty killer implementation of the game’s best feature: rewarding fans with experience and items just for walking around—without requiring them to stare at their screens while strolling around with Pokémon on their minds. (Once a Ditto appears, of course, we won’t blame anybody for pulling their iPhone out.)

The Apple Watch app is scheduled for release this year.

Pokemon GO Gym Strategy Guide of 5 Best Gym Attackers

“Pokemon GO” game has finally achieved some semblance of maturity. Now, the focus seems to be on the figuring out the best “Pokemon GO” gym defenders and attackers in the escalating turf wars all around the globe.

When Niantic first released the game last July, the craze was all about catching as many pokemon as possible. Recently however, it appears that gamers had their fill and the current flavor is now in gym battles. Hence, knowledge about the best “Pokemon GO” gym defenders and attackers is necessary to progress in the game.

Listed below are some of the best “Pokemon GO” gym attackers. This is especially useful for players who are still new to the gym acquisition business. For those who have already succeeded in taking over some gyms, an article about the best “Pokemon GO” gym defenders will follow shortly.

Dragonite is one of the best “Pokemon GO” gym attackers with its moveset Dragon Breath – Dragon Claw and is ranked first by Ranked Boost. It is effective against strong defenders such as Arcanine, Venasuar, Vaporeon and Exeggutor due to its high attack and max CP stats. However, Dragonite has its shortcomings against Ice, Rock, Dragon and Fairy types.

Arcanine is also a powerful “Pokemon GO” gym attacker with its Fire Fang – Fire Blast moveset and can take down the likes of Venasuar and Exeggutor. However, it will have problems when attacking Water, Rock and Ground types defending a gym.

Exeggutor also ranks as one of best gym attackers with its moveset Zen Headbutt – Solar Beam. With its high attack stats, it is especially effective against Venasuar and Exeggutor but is weak against Ice, Flying, Fire and Poison type defenders.

Flareon is and ranked as one of the best “Pokemon GO” gym attackers. Its moveset Ember-Fire Blast along with its high attack stats is especially effective against strong defenders like Venasuar, Exeggutor and Wigglytuff. However, it is known to be weak against Ground, Rock and Water types.

Victreebel is also known as one “Pokemon GO” best gym attackers. It is effective against Venasuar, Exeggutor, Vaporeon and Poliwrath but weak against Fire, Ice, Flyin and Psychic types. Its best moveset is Razor Leaf – Solar Beam.

Obviously, players need to play intelligently and use the correct strategy to successfully take over a gym. Stay tuned to my site for the “Pokemon GO” Best Gym Defenders.