FIFA 17: Best Players to Trade With in Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is out now and people are eager to get ahead of the game and beat their friends. One of the biggest success factors FIFA Ultimate Team is how much money you have, so follow this guide to go from rags to riches.

This is a list of players who I have have traded successfully. The majority of the ones on this page are rare Gold Players, but there are players in all price ranges so you can trade no matter how little money you have. I wouldn’t recommend this page if you have less than 20,000 coins. For now, your time is better spent playing matches. Once you play a few seasons or sell enough players to get that initial 20,000 you can come back here to make megabucks!
Which Price Range Should I Use?


Knowing how much you should spend on players is easy, and can be divided into three easy steps:
Record your total coins.
Divide your total coins by 20.
The result is how much you should spend on each player.

It really is that simple, for example, lets say I have 80,000 coins…
4,000 is the max that should be spent on each player

Now I can see that I shouldn’t buy anyone for more than 4,000 each. This allows me to buy or sell at least 20 of each player.

How Much To Spend On Players

Players by Price
Here is a list of players who in my experience are optimal for trading at a profit. I’ve organized them by price range. The format for naming players below is:

Name (Price, Club, Nationality, Position, Rating)
1,000 – 5,000 Coins Per Player
Jese Rodriguez (1,000 coins, Real Madrid, Spain, LM, 76)
Adel Taarabt (2,000 coins, QPR, Morocco, CAM, 79)
Diego Godin (2,300 coins, Athletico Madrid, Uruguay, CB, 84)
Raphael Varane (3,500 coins, Real Madrid, France, CB, 81)
Douglas Costa (2,000 coins, Shaktar Donetsk, Brazil, CAM, 80)

5,000 – 10,000 Coins Per Player
Tim Howard (6,000 coins, Everton, USA, GK, 82)
Theo Walcott (8,800 coins, Arsenal, England, RM, 81)
Luiz Gustavo (5,000 coins, Wolfsburg, Brazil, CDM, 82)
Miranda (6,000 coins, Athletico Madrid, Brazil, CB, 83)
Christian Eriksen (7,000 coins, Tottenham, Denmark, LW, 83)

10,000 – 20,000 Coins Per Player
Eliaquim Mangala (11,500 coins, Machester City, France, CB, 80)
David De Gea (12,000 coins, Manchester United, Spain, GK, 83)
Leighton Baines (14,750 coins, Everton, England, LB, 82)
Gael Clichy (13,000 coins, Manchester City, France, LB, 80)
Laurent Koscielny (17,000 coins, Arsenal, Frnace, CB, 81)

20,000 – 50,000 Coins Per Player
Petr Cech (30,000 coins, Chelsea, Czech Republic, GK, 85)
Jeremy Menez (In-Form) (40,000 coins, AC Milan, France, CAM/CF/ST, 80)
Felipe Luis (24,000 coins, Chelsea, Brazil, LB, 82)
Philipp Lahm (40,500 coins, Bayern Munich, Germany, CDM, 87)
Andres Iniesta (47,000 coins, Barcelona, Spain, CM, 89)

50,000 – 100,000 Coins Per Player
Vincent Kompany (83,000 coins, Manchester City, Belgium, CB, 86)
Alexis Sanchez (67,000 coins, Arsenal, Chile, RW, 84)
Bastian Schweinstager (54,000 coins, Bayern Munich, Germany, CM, 88)
Karim Benzema (56,500 coins, Real Madrid, France, ST, 85)
Sergio Ramos (98,000 coins, Real Madrid, Spain, CB, 87)

100,000+ Coins Per Player
Yaya Toure (200,000 coins, Manchester City, Ivory Coast, CDM, 86)
Neymar (290,000 coins, Barcelona, Brazil, LW, 86)
Eden Hazard (270,000 coins, Chelsea, Belgium, LM, 88)
Sergio AgUero (240,000 coins, Manchester City, Argentina, ST, 86)
Angel Di MarIa (190,000 coins, Manchester United, Argentina, CAM, 86)

How Much Money Do You Have?
How many coins do you have on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?
10,000 coins or less
10,000 – 20,000 coins
20,000 – 50,000 coins
50,000 – 100,000 coins
100,000 – 250,000 coins
250,000 – 500,000 coins

Gamer’s Wishes for NBA 2k18 MyCAREER

In NBA 2K18 my career, gamers will play the role as a high school student who enjoys a great fame and won the title of “president”. He went to college and played five league matches to get the national team invitation from the old K coach of “dream team”, Followed by the outstanding performance in University League and the national team. He almost won the same degree of recognition as Kobe Bryant, McGrady did at that time. He gave up college life to enter the NBA arena and began his career. Different from the 2K17 career mode, NBA 2K18 allows players to have a more profound experience about how the little people change into a hero, while mixing with the vision of the future at puberty. A good friend in your life is a good partner on the pitch, as friends say that. NBA 2K18 has got a high popularity because of its unique features, Here are some voices about their expectation for my career mode.

NBA 2K18

1. we need full creation mode in myleague. what i mean by this, is that if i decide that i want a headband before i start my league…while i am in myleague, i cant take it off. i also can’t change my hair cut.

2. facial hair needs needs work! not everyone has nappy hair lol…and we need more styles. oh and we need eye lashes

3. the ears need work…they look like you guys just through a texture on it and thats it. no definition nothing…samething for the nose.(more like the wholes in the nose

8. different body types!!! please guys this is a must. i know you guys told shakedown2012 that you guys can’t do it because of the the different body types would bog down the servers on MyPark. that might be the issue but if you guys can do the same as you’re doing with the width of the shoulder and the wingspan on the chest, belly, thighs, and arms, wouldn’t that be ultimately be the same? you guys use to have different body types and different muscle tones…why can’t we find a way to bring that back?

4. can’t select muscle tone for MyCAREER MyPlayers any more. you can choose muscle tone for none MYCAREER players but after you create them and the you have to go create a roster and then edit you guy to be able to change his muscle tone. and even the when you change the muscle tone on a player, it’s not noticeable. every player looks like clay with no definition.

5. the facial sculpting system is good but on 360 i felt like i had a lot more control to create or make a player look like someone. now your are very limited. i use to like how i can spin the player head around and see it in every angle…now i am stuck on the views (straight-on sculpting and profile sculpting) let us have full control of the sculpting system

6. for heads are too big in this game. for example my brother and i have small for heads but we are forced to have big for heads in the game. the big for head are even worse when you do the face scans…i have like a five head lol

7. hair cut are a lot better!
but we need more , like a clean fade, temp, designs, line ups/shape ups. some of these player in the game have clean hair cuts and ours don’t look as good

8. let the creating process between the MyCAREER and regular created player be the same or have the same values. i try to make my created player the same as my myplayer and it’s difficult because shoulder width is only available for mycareer, the wingspan for mycareer are in inches and the created player are from 0 -100.

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Madden NFL18: FrostBite Engine Improves Visuals

Few months back in an Investor’s meeting at Electronic Arts, the executives had a deep discussion where they openly talked about their interest towards going for Frostbite Engine, as their single starting Engine with authority under Chief Operating officer, Andrew Wilson.

Madden NFL 18

Wilson further explained that the Company had a history of using almost twenty engines at a time, but now they have made their mind just for one. The essence of using just one engine lies in the fact that in a scenario where you are developing Game not just for one platform but for twenty or thirty platforms, where you are required to make transitions once in every six months, a single engine facilitates in all these activities by conveniently launching the Games in all the available platforms that players have access to and that too in a cost- effective manner.

From technology moving at a very fast pace it is difficult to keep up with it. From PS2 to PS3 the cost almost doubled for the research and development work and what else the quality provided by Electronic Arts on the new platforms was not great in any manner, and the only reason being is heavy investments made by the company on every engine it has been working with. With switch to platforms the publisher managed to launch more titles with same flat cost and R&D cost.

The team believes that having one engine will be both cost- efficient and quick and would allow delivering high quality games. According to Wilson, investment in one engine will be going to pay more dividends in future, with multiple things working in favor for it. This would enable the team, “exponential leaps forward” in the ability to deliver “unbelievable games” every year.

The Vice President, Patrick S?derlund, also came up with his ideas, mentioning that initially Electronic arts used to have sixteen engines and that initiative of THE FROSTBITE was taken long time back some ten to twelve years ago.

As per the reports from Game informer and other multiple sources, FIFA, MADDEN, NHL,and NBA live sports will be moving to Frostbite Engine form Ignite engine. Though, this step would take a few years to implement. In the mean time EA is using Frostbite engine for its amazing game series like Battlefield, Dragon, Age, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Mirror Edge and FIFA 17. Their next great move of moving to Frostbite engine will take place hopefully with Madden NFL 18 and it would take even some more time for NHL 18 to come to that category. The major reason for acceptance of Frostbite as the only engine for all game development also stands for the fact that DICE has already worked on the ANT animation system and integrated that in the Frostbite.

What Gamers Want to Change in NBA 2K18

NBA 2K is a franchise that enjoys a high level of popularity among ardent fans of video games. This basketball simulation video game franchise has managed to build a loyal fan base thanks to the graphics that the game provides along with the interesting features that form part of it. To date, up to 17 installed games have been launched, and everyone tries to gain a great reputation among the players.
This is around the expected level of the game, even before the launch of an installation, People began to wonder what it would offer. While NBA 2K17 has just been launched, people are already sharing their excitement for NBA 2K18 and wondering what changes the installation is going to bring. It is seen that the franchise, which is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, pays heed to what the fans expect and endeavors to deliver the results they want.

NBA 2K18

It is customary for the fans of the game to make a wish list for the upcoming installation of the game. Although there is no denying that the game has a lot to offer, There are always more things that fans want to make it more interesting and attractive. They suggest that the change is to give the game a more realistic touch while ensuring that their interest is still rising. When the game has so many new releases, it is quite natural to expect that things will come to a point when it starts to appear monotonous. NBA 2K has managed to avoid such a fate, as it continues to bring about new changes.

Fans also make things easier by expressing what they want and what they want to see. For example, people are looking for some change to the MyLeague . According to them, the “tendency” should be based on the team’s change, according to the results of the game. Thus, when the CPU team modifies their roster, If this change is performed, the firing propensity will be reassigned to the first one. This is one of the wishes expressed by fans. Another such wish is the feature of calling a play in timeouts which is something that is seen in real games as well. Players feel that this would give the game a more realistic touch.

It’s always fun and exciting for fans to wait and see what developers will come up with next. Given their track record, they are expected to make a great deal of praise. Whether or not the popularity of NBA 2k18, its predecessors witnessed remains to be seen. However, it is expected that the installation will be bigger and better, leaving fans impressed by the game.

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Disputing Muller Rating in FIFA 17

Thomas muller is famous as a German top football player, he is one of the members of Bayern Munich and the Germany national team. With a excellent performance of rating 87 on FFA 17, he is widely considered as the super player. But there are some questioned voice from audience about his performance. Some think he has no really ability to get 87 at all an there is heated discussion about him among young people recently.


With Carefully analyzing of his performance in the game, some people think he has no special skill and tactics at all. He ranked in the top because he could use the German striker’s technical and physical attributes appropriately. Although his ratings has been decided by a big team with thousands of reviewers, so there is no chance for him to take some action to cheat audience. After announcing his rating, it will be  recorded by official soon and people can find it in the EA website.

Muller, meanwhile, broke into the German squad in the 2010 World Cup where a young German side impressed in South Africa with the young forward winning the Golden Boot for his five goals in the tournament. Mueller-Moehring, the man who controls EA’s ratings told ESPN that Muller’s rating would have been a lot lower had they not bumped it up.

So do you think Muller’s Rating is too high or too low? Let us know your thoughts in commnets below.

FIFA 17 Comes to EA Access and EA Origin on April 21, Followed by Other Games

It’s absolute a exciting news for gamers that some exciting and challenging games in FIFA 17 will be available on October and the Xbox one on April 21. gamers can enjoy them anywhere if they want. it’s impossible for them in the past, but now, they do not need to seat in front of computer anymore. In addition, there are more other games alike FIFA 17 available to gamers as well, according to EA sports announcement.


Between April and June, Medal Of Honor: Airborne and Dragon Age: Origins will both be coming to the Xbox One’s Access program, while Origin will be getting Pony Island and Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection, along with Hacknet and Orwell.

Many of these games are either classics or critically acclaimed titles, and so would be a lot of fun for you to play on either platform.

For instance, if you buy Dragon Age: Origins on EA Access, it will take you through a BioWare classic, where your character, as a Grey Warden, must fight to rescue the land of Thedas from an oncoming invasion of monsters known as a Blight. On PC, if you play Pony Island, you will find yourself going through an odd computer game where nothing is as it seems.

While there’s no telling if FIFA 17 and the other games coming to EA Origin and EA Access will be the only ones released for the time being, it does show that EA is apparently working on putting other games into both programs rather than the latest titles that it’s been publishing.

Previously, another EA sports game, Skate 3, had joined the EA Access library back in February. With people clamoring for a Skate 4, it was a way for EA to at least be able to temporarily satisfy people.

So gamers do not hesitate to enjoy those games. There is a new world waiting for them to explore. it’s certain that those games will creat a huge community with a incredible speed from April to June when they become available.