Analyze Flaws in Albion Online

There is still a long way for Albion Online, we can ignore some issues, which is the gradation of risk for reward. I think we have three problems here. We are so happy that Albion was released in last month, is this game perfect now? Of course not, Let me elaborate.

Three Main Problems in Red Blue Yellow Black Zones

-Problem A: Yet, one of the latest patches has seen all the node cooldowns halved in blue zones. Blue Zone is supposed to be lowest risk, lowest reward. It’s making blue zones into lowest risk, moderate reward. It shouldn’t be, as it is inundating the market with cheaper goods.

-Problem B: Nowadays, the only flagged people you catch are people with double-bladed staff // claws because it’s the only way they can catch their prey AND have a chance to escape the Blue Vulture Zerg. Red Zone is supposed to be high risk, high albion online silver reward. Yet, several factors (3s dismount rule, skulls on mini-map, extremely punishing reputation system) compound to make it low risk, high reward. It used to be that you’d have roving groups of reds (PvP flagged people) with different types of gear trying to kill people. Spend any amount of time in Creag Morr, for example, and you will see what I mean. Anytime a skull pops on the mini-map, a good dozen blue guys just converge on that position. They’re not trying to PvP. In turn, it has attracted a new breed of player: the blue vulture, who risks nothing. All in all, it’s making red zones a mockery of what they’re supposed to be. They’re just trying to get scraps or jump on one or two “gankers”. See, the issue here is that it has forced the gankers to go into a niche, making it more dangerous for players such as yourself (solo players) who will get jumped and have virtually no chance of escaping, while making it impossible for said gankers (who have to specialize in shitty weapons) to do anything but gank.

-Problem C: It’s squeezed in between moderate reward Blue Zones with no risk and higher reward red zones with little risk. Given that Red Zones are extremely easy to go through and profit from because of Low Risk, High Reward, it has left us with pointless Yellow Zones who serve no purpose.

Ideally, we should have this system:

Blue Zone: Lowest Risk, Lowest Reward.

Yellow Zone: Moderate Risk, Moderate Reward.

Red Zone: High Risk, High Reward

Black Zone: Highest Risk, Highest Reward.

It’d still warn close-by players that something nefarious just happened, but wouldn’t warn entire zergs. I personally think we need to do away with skulls on the mini-map, unless you happen to be close by (say 100m). I think Blue Zones should be back to regular cooldowns on nodes. I think the 3s dismount rule should be reduced to 2s, maybe 2.5s and that the reputation system needs to be reworked entirely. Also, negative reputation shouldn’t prevent one from going to Red Zones or Expeditions. Blue/Yellow? Sure. But Red is supposed to be dangerous. It shouldn’t take 12 hours of dungeon farming to regain the reputation lost by killing a handful of guys.

I would make blue zones less appealing for carebear gatherers and thus bring back a sense of purpose to Yellow Zones. Red Zones is really dangerous place for the single player like me, so I want to join a group to against other guild. Always is ready to offer you the Cheapest Albion Online Gold and help you win in the game !

Kyle Juszczyk, James Develin & Patrick DiMarco Are The Best Fullbacks In Madden 18

Exactly! They are a vital part of any team and EA has released the stats for the best full backs in Madden 18 and that is what we are looking at today. Ok so the full back may not be the most glamorous position, but how many times have you had victory snatched away from you because of a full back?

Kyle Juszczyk: San Francisco 49ers

Kyle Juszczyk

Juszczyk is the highest rated player on the whole 49ers squad and we think that he is going to be a lot of fun to play with. His awareness, speed, and accuracy are all rated in the 80’s and his agility and strength in the high 70’s so he is a very versatile player who is sure to be very popular in ultimate team. He is the highest rated full back in Madden 18 at 91.

James Develin: New England Patriots

James Develin

What we like about Develin is that he is the perfect player for those of you who want a full back who is just all about smashing the opposition by blocking runs. Rated at 84 overall, he is a real stand out player on the Patriots squad. His strength rating is 87 which is the highest out of all the full backs that are in Madden 18.

Patrick DiMarco: Buffalo Bills

Patrick DiMarco

We like how with DiMarco you have a player who is pretty solid as a run blocker, Patrick DiMarco is rated at 84 as well, but he also can juke and spin a little so you might actually be able to score a few extra yards with him as well. we feel that he would be a very unsung hero on any Madden ultimate team. He may not be as flashy as the two above him.

It is also worth mentioning that Aaron Ripkowski of the Green Bay Packers and Andy Janovich of the Denver Broncos are also rated in the low 80’s as well. If you are excited for this year’s Madden make sure you are ready by taking a look at our Cheap and Safe Madden 18 coins !

NBA 2K18 Reveal Player Ratings in A Way Differ From Tradition

Now, NBA 2K18 fans can finally know the top 10 players ratings, it’s really a anxious waiting for them. There are some difference about the ratings judgement compared to previous days, we can see the 2K posted those list at a time rather than one by one, most people would prefer this method, i think, Since it saves a lot of boring time to guess who will be the next one. Among the top 10 lists, DeMarcus Cousins is the most powerful players, he ranked first if he had asked the previous rating standard, but he didn’t. As you can see, KArl-Anthony Towns is taking a deep breath and keep calm dom, than sitting to wait for the next rating point.

nba 2k18

It’s easy to see KAT seize the top spot once the season begins. That’s especially the case considering the Wolves are expected to be a vastly improved team this year. Players like the Los Angeles Lakers’ Brook Lopez and Charlotte Hornets’ Dwight Howard may have a legitimate beef.

Neither man is among the Top 10 despite averaging 20.5 ppg and 5.4 rpg and 13.5 ppg and 12.7 rpg, respectively, last season. As I mentioned, these are just the ratings for the beginning of the season. Lopez and Howard will eahc have opportunities to ascend.

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NBA 2K18 Future Development And Features

NBA 2K18 is the most profound games diversion I have ever played. There is such a great amount on the table, I could likely go whatever is left of my existence without another yearly emphasis of NBA 2K18, and that would not trouble me a bit. Michael Jordon graces the cover, the UI, and a few amusement modes, serving as the focal topic for NBA 2K18. The amusement opens with a blustering tribute to MJ, and rather than at first being given a menu to choose the sought diversion mode, NBA 2K18 promptly tosses players into one of Michael’s mark recreations.

NBA 2K18
This will be players’ first taste of the Michael Jordan challenge mode accessible NBA 2K18. This mode puts the player in Michael’s shoes, with different targets to finish for every diversion. Destinations incorporate scoring a specific number of focuses before the half, finishing an assigned number of helps, and a huge number of different targets. Finishing the majority of the Michael Jordan challenges permits the player access to the ‘MJ: Creating a Legend’ amusement mode. This puts a youngster level Michael specifically into the player’s hands, permitting them to build up his vocation as they see fit to Click.

NBA 2K18’s genuine game play is interminably profound, being hard to ace, as well as truly hard to learn too. This can demonstrate troublesome for players new to the NBA 2K arrangement, as there are basically no instructional exercises or in-diversion help gave inside the UI. This abandons one to counsel the physical diversion manual rather, which is basically impious. Straightforward activities, for example, shooting or passing have a large number of varieties relying upon what different catches are squeezed in conjunction. More propelled players will need to get the simple sticks required for on the fly play changes, for example, spilling behind the back to get around a safeguard, or rolling out a very late hand improvement on a layup. Subsequent to setting aside the opportunity to take in the framework players can make some really showy plays, pushing the force of every diversion off the diagrams.

NBA 2K18 is really a delight to watch. Spectators will trust they are viewing a real live amusement if not told something else. Player livelinesss are the most trustworthy I have ever found in any amusement, not to mention a games diversion, with court surfaces, swarm conduct, and astounding analysts all tolling in on the level of drenching. There are a couple issues I have experienced in my brief span with NBA 2K18. Passing can be a task, and one that ought to be taken care of precisely. The PC will always be blocking goes with a savage relentlessness. Each pass made should be think and computed to keep away from a turnover. To make matters works, brisk going with the left simple stick is not as precise as one would accept, requesting further consideration that could have been committed to play strategies. The reporters can be off now and again also.

Kyrie Irving Is On The Cover of NBA 2K18

Like every year, the excitement about the cover of NBA was on among the fans and to every one’s surprise, the producers named that prominent title this week.

The eminent name joining this league of lavish and elite trend is Kyrie Irving. He will be the cover for NBA 2k18 which is scheduled to release in this September 2017. The news came along with the result of the final match between Cleveland Cavaliers’ and Golden State Warriors. Though, Irving’s team lost the match to the opponents to realize them a 22 point lead, but the performance of Irving in particular did leave some charm on the producers and they named him for this coveted position.

NBA 2K18

The ex-sharers of this desirable popularity had been names like- Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and reigning two-time MVP Stephen Curry.

The reports came after an official tweet by the NBA team on June 1, “We’re excited to announce defending NBA world champion @KyrieIrving as cover athlete for NBA 2k18.”

Irving is succeeding Paul George, who was the cover athlete for NBA 2K17. Just last month it was announced that four-time NBA Champion and 2016 Hall of Fame entrant Shaquille O’Neal would grace the legend’s edition of NBA 2K18.

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Best Cheats & Tips in NBA Live Mobile

March Madness may be far away from us, but that doesn’t mean your enjoyment of basketball ever has to. With NBA Live Mobile brought to you by EA Games, you can play or create your favorite teams and become the manager you’ve always dreamed of being. Here, we will give you five tips and tricks to take your NBA game from lame to baller status.

NBA Live Mobile

The Auction House is Your Friend
With NBA Live, there is a marketplace to buy players that fluctuates as it would in a fantasy sports market. However, with a bit of a quick hand, you can turn this to your advantage. Your first manuever should be as a starting player to snipe Silver Grade players. To do this, you need to keep your eye on the clock. Every five minutes, the roster of players up for bid changes. One second before the timer resets, refresh your page on the auction section. By the time it loads, the new players will have appeared. Quickly snatch up the lowest cost players within the 600-3000 coin range and then wait a minute before reselling them. Since the cheaper ones tend to go up in value faster, you will get a decent profit in quick order.

Autoplay to Farm Points
Let’s face it, as much as we’d all love to be GM’s for our favorite teams, life gets in the way. Chores, work, and driving can all get in the way of a properly played game. That being said, NBA Live has a solution in terms of the Autoplay option, which allows for games to be played while you tend to whatever else needs to be done. This can be an easy way to essentially farm for resources per game and thus build up a steadier roster.

Complete Team Sets
While not quite explicitly mentioned in the game, NBA Live rewards those who collect players to form the actual teams. The easiest team to do this and garner massive rewards at time of writing is the current roster of the Golden State Warriors who are significantly cheaper than most other teams while providing a high enough rating to allow for wins even when on autoplay for a good portion of the time. When you’ve saved up enough as a result of this team, rinse and repeat for a higher rated team roster and you can sell off team members as a means for more resources.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense
Unlike the real game, a vast majority of your skills and practice on NBA Live should be focused on defense. Some tricks that serve players well are to always press the joystick away while holding the guard button to provide coverage, to tap the guard button the very moment an opponent stops moving to perform a steal, and tapping guard towards a ball that’s being passed to block it or intercept it. Similarly, if an attempt to score has been made, rapidly tap the guard button for a shot at getting the rebound and gaining possession. From there the offensive skills are pretty straightforward and should allow you a point advantage in no time. As a side note, do also make sure to keep an eye on player stats and tend to field those who happen to have higher defense stats as they will typically make up for a lower score average if by no other method than blocking the shots and regaining possession from the other team.


5 Second Year Defensive Players will Appear in Madden 18

Rookies on the defensive side of the ball can have a big impact for their new teams in Madden, and last year was no exception. Without a doubt, we can’t wait to see those players again when Madden 18 comes out this August. Here is our list of 5 second year defensive players to watch for in Madden 18.

Madden 18
Joey Bosa: DE San Diego Chargers
Bosa was the NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year, and finished the season rated an 87 overall. Bosa has solid ratings in every major category. His 80 speed, 82 strength, 85 agility, and 86 acceleration make Bosa extremely versatile.
Bosa also has every major pass rushing trait in last year’s Madden, and that should bode well for his Madden 18 rating and overall usability. Since a lot of Madden players like to take control of the DE position when playing on defense, then Bosa should definitely make an popular pass rusher to use next season.
Joey Bosa should come into Madden 18 as the highest rated second year defensive player, without question.

Jalen Ramsey: CB Jacksonville Jaguars
Ramsey was another high draft pick in last year’s draft, and he lived up to expectations–if not exceeded them. Jalen Ramsey finished the year rated an 85 overall, which was the highest amongst rookie corners.
Ramsey’s zone coverage rating was an 84, and his man coverage an 86 to finish off the year. Both are great numbers for a rookie corner coming into his second season. Couple those numbers with his 93 jump and 87 press coverage ratings, and Ramsey can make some plays for you. Although most Madden players don’t really take control of the corner position to begin a play, many of them will switch over to the corner once the ball is in the air making Ramsey a deadly player in Madden 18.
Ramsey is a sure fire second year defensive player to watch for in Madden 18.

Deion Jones: MLB Atlanta Falcons
The rookie middle linebacker for the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons played well enough to finish the season rated an 80 overall. Jones was somewhat unknown coming into last year’s rookie season as he was a second round pick, but his actual gameplay caused him to quickly boost his Madden ratings.
Deion Jones is certainly one of the fastest players at the MLB position with an 89 speed rating. Add Jones’ 82 awareness and 90 acceleration into the mix, and he’ll be in position to boost his ratings even more in Madden 18.
Also, the Falcons will be one of the most popular teams to use in Madden 18 mostly due to their extremely talented offense. Since a lot of Madden players like to take control of the MLB position these days, then Jones will certainly be a second year player to watch for in Madden 18.

Karl Joseph: SS Oakland Raiders
Hard to believe Karl Joseph was the 14th overall pick by the Oakland Raiders last year. Joseph played extremely well last year and finished the season rated an 82 overall.
Joseph has a big hitter trait and a strip ball trait. Joseph’s hit power was also very strong to finish out the year at a whopping 88 rating. His 87 speed rating along with his 87 agility make Joseph a solid option at the SS spot.
Karl Joseph’s only setback in the ratings is his measly 72 awareness, but that rating should go up in Madden 18. Joseph is a great option for users to switch over to during runs to the outside when the SS position needs to make plays. Many times a decent player at the SS position is needed to prevent outside stretch and toss plays that can absolutely kill you in Madden.
If Joseph can continue to make big plays this upcoming season, then he’ll definitely be one the deadliest second year defensive players to watch for in Madden 18.

Jatavis Brown: MLB San Diego Chargers
Who? Jatavis Brown was a low 5th round draft pick last season for the Chargers, but quickly took over as starting MLB. He was also overshadowed by Bosa’s stellar play and Madden popularity last year. Brown played well enough to finish the season rated a 79 overall, and his the lowest rated player on our list, but his overall should rise quickly in Madden 18 given his promising play last year.
Brown has one of the highest speed ratings at the MLB position with an 88. His 79 play recognition, 86 tackle, and 84 hit power are all solid numbers for a player going into their second season. Like Deion Jones, many Madden players will take control of Brown since he plays a popular defensive position.
Make no mistake, San Diego is a potential sleeper team given they have some strong weapons on offense. You’ll likely come across the Chargers next season, and Jatavis Brown is definitely a second year defensive player to watch for in Madden 18.
That just about does it for our list of second year defensive players to watch for in Madden 18. Certainly, there are plenty of other second year players worthy of making the top 5. Who are yours? As always, feel free to comment below.
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FIFA 17: Best Players to Trade With in Ultimate Team

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is out now and people are eager to get ahead of the game and beat their friends. One of the biggest success factors FIFA Ultimate Team is how much money you have, so follow this guide to go from rags to riches.

This is a list of players who I have have traded successfully. The majority of the ones on this page are rare Gold Players, but there are players in all price ranges so you can trade no matter how little money you have. I wouldn’t recommend this page if you have less than 20,000 coins. For now, your time is better spent playing matches. Once you play a few seasons or sell enough players to get that initial 20,000 you can come back here to make megabucks!
Which Price Range Should I Use?


Knowing how much you should spend on players is easy, and can be divided into three easy steps:
Record your total coins.
Divide your total coins by 20.
The result is how much you should spend on each player.

It really is that simple, for example, lets say I have 80,000 coins…
4,000 is the max that should be spent on each player

Now I can see that I shouldn’t buy anyone for more than 4,000 each. This allows me to buy or sell at least 20 of each player.

How Much To Spend On Players

Players by Price
Here is a list of players who in my experience are optimal for trading at a profit. I’ve organized them by price range. The format for naming players below is:

Name (Price, Club, Nationality, Position, Rating)
1,000 – 5,000 Coins Per Player
Jese Rodriguez (1,000 coins, Real Madrid, Spain, LM, 76)
Adel Taarabt (2,000 coins, QPR, Morocco, CAM, 79)
Diego Godin (2,300 coins, Athletico Madrid, Uruguay, CB, 84)
Raphael Varane (3,500 coins, Real Madrid, France, CB, 81)
Douglas Costa (2,000 coins, Shaktar Donetsk, Brazil, CAM, 80)

5,000 – 10,000 Coins Per Player
Tim Howard (6,000 coins, Everton, USA, GK, 82)
Theo Walcott (8,800 coins, Arsenal, England, RM, 81)
Luiz Gustavo (5,000 coins, Wolfsburg, Brazil, CDM, 82)
Miranda (6,000 coins, Athletico Madrid, Brazil, CB, 83)
Christian Eriksen (7,000 coins, Tottenham, Denmark, LW, 83)

10,000 – 20,000 Coins Per Player
Eliaquim Mangala (11,500 coins, Machester City, France, CB, 80)
David De Gea (12,000 coins, Manchester United, Spain, GK, 83)
Leighton Baines (14,750 coins, Everton, England, LB, 82)
Gael Clichy (13,000 coins, Manchester City, France, LB, 80)
Laurent Koscielny (17,000 coins, Arsenal, Frnace, CB, 81)

20,000 – 50,000 Coins Per Player
Petr Cech (30,000 coins, Chelsea, Czech Republic, GK, 85)
Jeremy Menez (In-Form) (40,000 coins, AC Milan, France, CAM/CF/ST, 80)
Felipe Luis (24,000 coins, Chelsea, Brazil, LB, 82)
Philipp Lahm (40,500 coins, Bayern Munich, Germany, CDM, 87)
Andres Iniesta (47,000 coins, Barcelona, Spain, CM, 89)

50,000 – 100,000 Coins Per Player
Vincent Kompany (83,000 coins, Manchester City, Belgium, CB, 86)
Alexis Sanchez (67,000 coins, Arsenal, Chile, RW, 84)
Bastian Schweinstager (54,000 coins, Bayern Munich, Germany, CM, 88)
Karim Benzema (56,500 coins, Real Madrid, France, ST, 85)
Sergio Ramos (98,000 coins, Real Madrid, Spain, CB, 87)

100,000+ Coins Per Player
Yaya Toure (200,000 coins, Manchester City, Ivory Coast, CDM, 86)
Neymar (290,000 coins, Barcelona, Brazil, LW, 86)
Eden Hazard (270,000 coins, Chelsea, Belgium, LM, 88)
Sergio AgUero (240,000 coins, Manchester City, Argentina, ST, 86)
Angel Di MarIa (190,000 coins, Manchester United, Argentina, CAM, 86)

How Much Money Do You Have?
How many coins do you have on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team?
10,000 coins or less
10,000 – 20,000 coins
20,000 – 50,000 coins
50,000 – 100,000 coins
100,000 – 250,000 coins
250,000 – 500,000 coins

Gamer’s Wishes for NBA 2k18 MyCAREER

In NBA 2K18 my career, gamers will play the role as a high school student who enjoys a great fame and won the title of “president”. He went to college and played five league matches to get the national team invitation from the old K coach of “dream team”, Followed by the outstanding performance in University League and the national team. He almost won the same degree of recognition as Kobe Bryant, McGrady did at that time. He gave up college life to enter the NBA arena and began his career. Different from the 2K17 career mode, NBA 2K18 allows players to have a more profound experience about how the little people change into a hero, while mixing with the vision of the future at puberty. A good friend in your life is a good partner on the pitch, as friends say that. NBA 2K18 has got a high popularity because of its unique features, Here are some voices about their expectation for my career mode.

NBA 2K18

1. we need full creation mode in myleague. what i mean by this, is that if i decide that i want a headband before i start my league…while i am in myleague, i cant take it off. i also can’t change my hair cut.

2. facial hair needs needs work! not everyone has nappy hair lol…and we need more styles. oh and we need eye lashes

3. the ears need work…they look like you guys just through a texture on it and thats it. no definition nothing…samething for the nose.(more like the wholes in the nose

8. different body types!!! please guys this is a must. i know you guys told shakedown2012 that you guys can’t do it because of the the different body types would bog down the servers on MyPark. that might be the issue but if you guys can do the same as you’re doing with the width of the shoulder and the wingspan on the chest, belly, thighs, and arms, wouldn’t that be ultimately be the same? you guys use to have different body types and different muscle tones…why can’t we find a way to bring that back?

4. can’t select muscle tone for MyCAREER MyPlayers any more. you can choose muscle tone for none MYCAREER players but after you create them and the you have to go create a roster and then edit you guy to be able to change his muscle tone. and even the when you change the muscle tone on a player, it’s not noticeable. every player looks like clay with no definition.

5. the facial sculpting system is good but on 360 i felt like i had a lot more control to create or make a player look like someone. now your are very limited. i use to like how i can spin the player head around and see it in every angle…now i am stuck on the views (straight-on sculpting and profile sculpting) let us have full control of the sculpting system

6. for heads are too big in this game. for example my brother and i have small for heads but we are forced to have big for heads in the game. the big for head are even worse when you do the face scans…i have like a five head lol

7. hair cut are a lot better!
but we need more , like a clean fade, temp, designs, line ups/shape ups. some of these player in the game have clean hair cuts and ours don’t look as good

8. let the creating process between the MyCAREER and regular created player be the same or have the same values. i try to make my created player the same as my myplayer and it’s difficult because shoulder width is only available for mycareer, the wingspan for mycareer are in inches and the created player are from 0 -100.

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Madden NFL18: FrostBite Engine Improves Visuals

Few months back in an Investor’s meeting at Electronic Arts, the executives had a deep discussion where they openly talked about their interest towards going for Frostbite Engine, as their single starting Engine with authority under Chief Operating officer, Andrew Wilson.

Madden NFL 18

Wilson further explained that the Company had a history of using almost twenty engines at a time, but now they have made their mind just for one. The essence of using just one engine lies in the fact that in a scenario where you are developing Game not just for one platform but for twenty or thirty platforms, where you are required to make transitions once in every six months, a single engine facilitates in all these activities by conveniently launching the Games in all the available platforms that players have access to and that too in a cost- effective manner.

From technology moving at a very fast pace it is difficult to keep up with it. From PS2 to PS3 the cost almost doubled for the research and development work and what else the quality provided by Electronic Arts on the new platforms was not great in any manner, and the only reason being is heavy investments made by the company on every engine it has been working with. With switch to platforms the publisher managed to launch more titles with same flat cost and R&D cost.

The team believes that having one engine will be both cost- efficient and quick and would allow delivering high quality games. According to Wilson, investment in one engine will be going to pay more dividends in future, with multiple things working in favor for it. This would enable the team, “exponential leaps forward” in the ability to deliver “unbelievable games” every year.

The Vice President, Patrick S?derlund, also came up with his ideas, mentioning that initially Electronic arts used to have sixteen engines and that initiative of THE FROSTBITE was taken long time back some ten to twelve years ago.

As per the reports from Game informer and other multiple sources, FIFA, MADDEN, NHL,and NBA live sports will be moving to Frostbite Engine form Ignite engine. Though, this step would take a few years to implement. In the mean time EA is using Frostbite engine for its amazing game series like Battlefield, Dragon, Age, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Mirror Edge and FIFA 17. Their next great move of moving to Frostbite engine will take place hopefully with Madden NFL 18 and it would take even some more time for NHL 18 to come to that category. The major reason for acceptance of Frostbite as the only engine for all game development also stands for the fact that DICE has already worked on the ANT animation system and integrated that in the Frostbite.