NBA 2K18 MyGM And MyLeague Are The Best Modes In The Game

NBA 2K18 is a deep game with a variety of features, and most of them are well done, but the best of the lot are MyGM and MyLeague.

When it comes to functionality, depth, innovation, immersion, and fun, every 2K fan should be giving these modes a look. If you’re unaware of what MyGM and MyLeague offer, here are 10 qualities that make it the class of the NBA 2K18 feature set.


Two Similar, But Different Experiences

MyGM and MyLeague are both franchise modes at the root, but the former is purely a single-player journey with a storyline. It blends elements of MyCareer, but it doesn’t lose the flexibility and team-building concepts that make franchise modes fun.

MyLeague was once described to me as “the ultimate sandbox tool.” Each year since NBA 2K15, the mode has lived up to that description more and more. No other sports video game allows you to have two different franchise mode experiences.

Depth And Innovation

MyGM and MyLeague offer more options and unique concepts than any other sports video game.  Sony’s MLB The Show is the closest to MyGM and MyLeague, but its franchise mode is still a distant second. It’s not the sprawling, widespread concept that The Neighborhood is, but in their own space, MyGM and MyLeague deliver admirable new tech and ideas.

Despite the loss of collegiate sports, 2K implemented the ability to create and share draft classes to keep that element of the franchise mode in order. Unfortunately, MyGM doesn’t allow you to use custom draft classes in Year 1 of the journey this year, but that’s like a slight scratch on the hood of a Rolls Royce.

No other sports video game gives you as much control over draft classes.

This year’s game delivers real-life advanced statistics that can be viewed in game, and the data can be turned into a chart used for your own education or as a team-building tool within the game.

You Can Enjoy Them Alone, Online or With Couch Play

Playing online has obviously been a great thing for gaming overall, but sometimes it’s nice to find a mode that you can enjoy that doesn’t require cooperation from complete strangers.

MyGM is strictly single player, but MyLeague is versatile. You can control one or all of the teams in the league. There’s an online version of the mode, though it’s missing a few of the features offline gamers enjoy.

Still, it’s a more verbose online franchise mode experience than you can find with other sports video games.

There’s also a couch play option. What’s that? It’s a simple concept that allows you and a friend or family member to play through a number of NBA seasons with you.

To this day, my most rewarding gaming experiences have come from this style of play. MyLeague makes me feel like I’m an 11-year-old again playing sports video games with my brother, only I don’t have to manually keep up with the stats like I did before, and my son is now my partner in crime.

The Challenge Is Real

If you think playing NBA 2K18 on Superstar difficulty is too easy, you’re either being less than truthful or some kind of virtual hoops savant. The mode delivers a solid challenge that will render realistic statistics and standings if you play through the season.

Madden 18 Guide: How to Improve Offence and Defence

Madden 18 is a game that intrigues even casual American football fans, especially now the season is well underway. That’s why we’ve created a guide listing the best beginner Madden 18 tips and tricks to strengthen your defence and turn your offence into an unstoppable machine.


Madden NFL 18 Guide – Mix It Up

The most common mistake a lot of first time Madden players make is to fly through the playbook of any team and look for a move to hurl the football as far as possible. This is understandable as there’s few things as thrilling as lobbing a Hail Mary and actually pulling it off, but the key to any smart game of football is patience and to be diverse in your approach. No matter which team you choose you’re going to be slightly intimidated by how many plays are on offer, especially as some have over 500 variations. Many of these are offshoots of the same idea though, so taking a few minutes to find a few that work for you will help no end at first.

From there stick to the basics. On your first or second down try short passes or running the ball to make up the necessary yards and slowly push the opposition back. If you struggle and find yourself on third down a more daring strategy may be needed, but if it’s early in the game you’re better off sticking to this formula: small, productive moves to secure 10 yards and then repeat. If you do get to fourth down and aren’t in need of anything spectacular always punt the ball away, too. Trying anything else is just going to put you in a dangerous position and back you into a corner. So remember. Start with running backs and smart, easy to intercept passes and build from there. You’ll find yourself learning the plays much faster this way as well.

Madden NFL 18 Guide – Learn the formations

Formations are intimidating. If you’re not sure how they work, it will put you off almost instantly but understanding the pros and cons of each is essential if you want to have a productive game of football.

If you’re truly new to the series you’re best off starting with a team like the Miami Dolphins who more often than not stick to three formations. You can execute any play regardless what formation you have, but certain lineups are going to be more successful depending what you’re trying to achieve. It’s best to use the I Formation, Strong I or Weak I to run the ball and Shotgun if you feel the need to go for a long pass. If you’re looking for a more balanced approach that lets you think more on your feet, always use Singleback.

There are more options which will usually lean slightly more towards running the ball or passing, but as general rule the above will help your game no end. Naturally you have defensive formations on top of this, and the key ones are 4-3 – which will give you coverage against most plays – 4-4 – to slow down running plays and potentially blitz the QB – and 3-4 – which will target an opponent’s running back.


Madden NFL 18 Guide – Look at your opponent

So you’ve chosen your formation and play and you’re feeling pretty good about the upcoming down. The thing is, that’s really where the game starts. Before the ball has even be handed off it’s imperative to look at your opponent and see how its defence has lined up and then try to figure out if your idea is going to work. There’s every chance they’ve read you perfectly and are set up to stop you making any gains.

There’s no hard and fast rule with this, but observe the positioning of their linebackers to figure out how it matches up with your play. If they seem perilously close to the line of scrimmage there’s a good chance they’re aiming for a blitz, or the eradication of your QB. If they seemed more relaxed with their safeties sitting deep, it’s fair to assume they think you’re going to pass.

This is where you have to be smart. A quick press of R3 will take you to an in-play menu where you can call an audible to rearrange your line-up to give you the upper hand. You can also call hot routes which will specifically let you change the pathway of a receiver to circumvent the defence immediately. A lot of this will be trial and error at first as you start learning how to read another team and understanding what is and isn’t possible. It is, however, crucial when you get further into the game.

Madden NFL 18 Guide – Learn the passes

Naturally passing the ball is incredibly important in Madden but it’s not just a case of tapping a button and seeing it perfectly fall into your receiver’s hands.  Instead you have to learn the system and work out what each pass means. Where Madden 18 is concerned EA has delayed the amount of time it takes for a receiver to get into the right position so being patient and holding off an extra half-second before allowing your QB to make an attempt will make all the difference. There’s also numerous types of passes you can unleash and, again, choosing the right one for the right situation could be the reason you complete a play.

More news that may be released for Madden 18 should be made available in the near future. Follow on Facebook and Twitter and look for the news page for the latest Madden 18 news. Also, you can find some discount information for cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins.

FIFA 18: These are the Fastest Players You Need to Build the Ultimate Team

Pace is a massive part of FIFA, and if you’re building an Ultimate Team, you’ll often need the quickest players to counter everyone else’s speedsters.

Even the FIFA esports professionals use teams with fast players, so that should give you an idea of what you should be doing for your matches at home.

Be warned though, unless you’re lucky enough to open them in a pack, the players on this list will be super pricey on the transfer market.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


Hands down the fastest player in the world is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. His normal card has a pace of 96. However, he also has an upgraded In Form where it’s bumped up even further to 97. He’s not just all about the speed either, as his attacking stats are great too.

Jonathan Biabiany


Challenging for Aubameyang’s crown right now is Jonathan Biabiany. The Frenchman plays for Sparta Prague, and they’re definitely glad of his pace. His stats aren’t quite as good as Aubameyang’s, but he can certainly dribble down the wing and put a cross in.

Ernest Asante


Of course, not all the fastest players have gold cards. Ernest Asante is a Ghanaian winger who plays for Danish team FC Nordsjælland. The 28 year old has a huge 95 pace in FIFA 18, though his other stats don’t quite stack up.

Mathis Bolly


Mathis Bolly, is another lesser known player, but his German second division club SpVgg Greuther Furth certainly know all about him. The right midfielder also has a pace of 95, and could be an interesting addition to a silver team.

Jurgen Damm


Back to the gold players now with Jurgen Damm, a Mexican player who plays for Liga MX club Tigres UANL. He’s also got a pace of 95, and it appears the majority of fastest players play on the right flank.

Hector Bellerin


The first defender on the list, Arsenal’s Bellerin has proved over the past few years that he’s one of the fastest players in the Premier League. The right back from Spain has a pace of 95, and is often a hot commodity on the transfer market.

‘NBA 2K18′ 3 Tips And Tricks To Earn VC Quickly And Efficiently

Almost everyone in the NBA 2K community is discussing virtual currency to some degree. It has been a hot-button topic since the game was released on September 15.

Many gamers have balked at the notion of spending real money to upgrade their MyPlayer, thus many fans are thirsty to find the best ways to earn VC without dipping into their wallets. I’ve found three efficient and dependable ways to earn VC without playing an actual game.


MyLeague Simcast Live Every Day Keeps VC Coming Your Way

MyLeague can be one of the most lucrative modes in the game. Actually playing games can earn you close to 1,000 VC per contest. However, this article is about earning quickly and efficiently. Did you know that you still earn VC in MyLeague even when you simulate a game?


Start a MyLeague with any team. Set the quarter length to 12 minutes. The difficulty setting doesn’t matter. Go to the in-mode calendar and simulate a game using Simcast Live. Make sure you turn the sim speed up to 6X.

Whether you participate in the simulation or not, you’ll still earn 400 VC for every game. It doesn’t even matter if your team wins or loses.

Gamers who work or are in school can simply start a MyLeague game each morning, afternoon or evening before they leave for the day. The simulation doesn’t require you to press any buttons to complete. When you return, you’ll have earned your VC. You could repeat the process before you go to bed.

It’s an easy way to ensure you earn at least 800 VC every day. If you’re concerned about your console being on all day, all you need to do is set it to go into sleep mode after being idle for 2 hours. The simulation doesn’t take that long to complete.

If you’re home, but just can’t get on the sticks at the time, you can potentially sim through a number of games earning 400 VC each time. If you complete an entire MyLeague season using this strategy, you will earn yourself 24,600 VC.

The MyNBA 2K18 App Will Show You The Fake Money

If you’re complaining about VC and don’t have the FREE MyNBA 2K18 application on your phone, you’re like a thirsty man at a water fountain who refuses to push the little button to have a drink.

The application practically gives you VC for simply logging on. There are prediction games based on the real NBA that you can play as well, and those carry more VC earning options. It’s possible to earn as much as 1,000 VC per day.

Answering 2KTV Questions Brings Virtual Prosperity

Last year’s game featured 38 episodes of 2KTV. Each of those episodes gives gamers an opportunity to earn VC for answering questions and participating in polls. You can usually earn close to 400 VC from the show, and it’s pretty informative overall.

The show runs once a week. If you used all three of these strategies in concert, you can realistically earn 13,000 VC per week without playing a single game. That’s not even counting what you can earn from picking up the controller and actually playing any of the VC-earning modes.

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Madden 18 Ultimate Team Most Feared Guide

As with previous iterations of the game, Madden 18 looks to be introducing the Ultimate Team Most Feared players once again through the upcoming Halloween update. In this full Madden 18 Most Feared guide, we’ll be going over everything you can expect once the Most Feared update eventually launches for the game, as well as our best guesses as to when the event will start.

Madden 18 MUT Most Feared Guide

EA recently told us that the MUT Most Feared Halloween update is set to begin very shortly for Madden 18, meaning you can likely expect it to launch worldwide on either Thursday, October 18, or on Friday, October 19. The latter release date seems more likely, as it’d let the MUT Halloween event launch right when the weekend hits, letting the maximum amount of players jump on in the action as soon as possible.


As for what the MUT 18 Halloween event will actually contain, we should look back to past events in previous Madden games for some hints. The MUT Most Feared players will be arriving as soon as the Halloween event fully kicks off, at which point plenty of brand new player cards will be put into the game for players to collect.

These new players are known as the ‘Most Feared’ variety, and will likely come in both the Gold and Elite tiers, as they have done in previous Madden games. In Madden 17 for example, if you collected all of the MUT Most Feared players together in a single set, you’d be able to earn yourself a 94 OVR Most Feared Brian Urlacher card, for use both during and after the Halloween event wrapped up.

As for other MUT Most Feared players, back in Madden 17 you’d be able to collect many other Most Feared players as soon as the event started. Once you’d got your hands on these Most Feared players, there would be a very limited period of time (October 29-31) during which Gold Most Feared players would be upgraded to 92 OVR, while Elite Most Feared would upgrade to a 95 OVR. This would only happen during those specific dates however, and afterwards, all the Most Feared players would decrease back to their original ratings, except for the Most Feared Brian Urlacher card.


Madden 18 MUT Most Feared Solo Challenges

Back in Madden 17 there were MUT Most Feared solo challenges, which you could take on at any time during the event in order to gain certain rewards that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the game. These were the Trick or Treat, Creepy, and Horror solo challenges, and we’ve outlined the rewards for each just below.

Trick or Treat Challenge Rewards:

• 86 OVR Brian Urlacher
• 36,250 Coins
• Challenge Item Pack
• 8 Most Feared Silver Packs
• 15 Most Feared Challenge Items
• 2 Most Feared Gold Packs

Creepy Challenge Rewards:

• 24,000 coins
• 8 Treat Packs
• 2 Candy Packs
• 2 Most Feared Gold Packs
• Most Feared Away Uniform with chemistry

Horror Challenge Rewards:

• 28,000 coins
• 4 Treat Packs
• 5 Candy Packs
• 2 Most Feared Gold Packs
• 2 50 Contract Packs
• 1 75 Contract Pack
• Most Feared Home Uniform with chemistry

We suspect that these Most Feared solo challenges will return in a different form in Madden 18’s Most Feared event, although with a different amount of challenges, and different rewards. It’s entirely possible that an upgraded Brian Urlacher card will return for the event, but we’ll have to wait until the event launches to find out for certain.

How to Quickly Earn FIFA Coins in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

How to build an Ultimate Team in FIFA 18, achieve great chemistry, earn FIFA 18 Coins quickly and stand the best chance of success when playing online. Get the best cheap players for Ultimate Team and learn about OTW cards. Squad Building Challenges explained, and FUT 18 Card Packs detailed. Squad Battles, How to Beat Teams on Legendary. Ultimate Scream event detailed.

In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team FIFA Coins are key. You need them to buy players and consumables, and learning how to get as many as possible is essential if you want to avoid spending any real world money. In this FIFA 18 Ultimate Team How to Earn FIFA Coins guide we’ll detail the best ways to earn FIFA coins easily in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team, and go over the activities you can repeat over and over to ensure your FIFA 18 coin balance is always as high as possible.

How to Earn FIFA 18 Coins Quickly and Easily in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

This FIFA 18 Ultimate Team guide is focused on how to earn FIFA Coins quickly and easily. We’ll go over the various daily and weekly activities you can take part in, plus give some tips on how to play the transfer market to make more FIFA Coins.

Squad Battles are a Huge FIFA 18 Coin Earner in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

We’ve got a full guide for Squad Battles in FIFA 18, but the short of it is that taking part in the weekly squad battles can earn you a LOT of FIFA Coins. Each match earns you coins and the better you do the higher you’ll rank, and the better the prizes you win will be. Get involved. It’s worth it.

Squad Building Challenges Earn you FIFA 18 Coins


FIFA 18 Ultimate Team makes building squads its own puzzle mini game. Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team are added all the time (some with time limits, some without) and task you with building a squad to meet certain criteria. Each challenge includes numerous puzzles, each with its own reward (sometimes tradable, sometimes not) before you earn the big prize for completing the whole challenge.

If you’ve built up a large roster of players you should be able to complete a number of these fairly easily and potentially earn big FIFA Coin rewards or players that can be sold for coins. Putting suitable players for live Squad Building Challenges onto the transfer market should also help you bag some FIFA Coins.

We’d suggest that Squad Building challenges are not as much fun to play as Squad Battles, but they can be played when you don’t have access to a console or PC to play FIFA 18.

Web App – Daily FIFA 18 Coin Rewards

The FIFA 18 web app is free to use if you have an EA account and have played FIFA 18. Every day you log in you’ll get a FIFA Coin reward of some sort. The web app is also a useful way to take part in the Squad Building Challenges and manage your transfers if you’re away from you console or gaming PC.

Team of the Week Challenge net you FIFA Coins

Take on the Team of the Week and you’ll earn a nice sum of FIFA Coins. The harder the difficulty you choose, the more coins you’ll earn.

Sell to Swap Unwanted Players for FIFA Coins

This is obvious, but if you have players sat around you can either use them to complete Squad Building Challenges or sell them (as long as they are tradable). List every play you don’t need and make some coins.

Daily and Weekly Objectives Earn you FIFA Coins for Hardly Trying in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team’s Daily Objectives and Weekly Objectives are an easy way to earn FIFA Coin rewards. Each time you boot up FIFA 18, check out the objectives and see if there any any you can complete while playing your usual games. Some rewards are FIFA Coins and others are card packs, but pack contents can be sold on the transfer market.

NHL 18 is not game changing, but it is fun to play

Madden NFL, MLB The Show and NBA 2K continue to sit well atop the sport video game heap, each bringing something distinct and special and deep to the genre. EA Sports’ NHL franchise isn’t nearly there yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not plenty of fun.

NHL 18 may not be a dynamic, game-changing sports game, but it is a good, fun one. In many ways it’s a throwback sports franchise, one that delivers workmanlike efforts in the classic modes you expect, along with a throwback mode that delivers some arcade-y sports gaming. It’s a formula that’s engaging for NHL fans, and accessible to newcomers.


The core game is nuanced, strong hockey. Ever since the PS3/Xbox 360 era, EA’s NHL franchise has featured some of the most challenging play in sports gaming, as you simultaneously control both the locomotion of hockey players and their stick-handling. It requires coordination and smarts; there is no repeatable sports game hack, even at the lightest difficulties of NHL 18.

It takes awhile to learn that, as well as the processes and timing of line changes, especially if you’re not a hockey fan. Fan or not, you’ll find things easy to learn in NHL 18, thanks to a new NHL Training Camp mode, which lays out the fundamentals of the game in digestible fashion.

Whatever you learn, you can take it into the standard modes you know well. Franchise, Season and Be A Pro career mode are all here and well-executed. There’s not much new in either mode, and the feature sets pale in comparison to, say, Madden, which now tries to tell a story in its career mode, and NBA 2K, which has you, as the owner/GM of a team, voting on game-impacting rule changes in between seasons.

That depth is absent here, but in a way, that’s refreshing. There’s no hokey, overtold story here, so you simply aggressively engage in potently developing your character. Playing this career mode is actually fun, a reminder that sports games don’t always need to tell stories (especially if those stories aren’t any good). Be a Pro is simply your immersive experience into developing a pro hockey player.

NHL delivers an even more throwback mode in the arcade-y “Threes.” Think of this as a fusion of NBA Jam and classic NHL hockey; you’re playing with all the nuanced controls, but the game is stripped down to 3-on-3 ice action, with simpler rules to facilitate swifter play. There are power-ups and other little bits, too, even unlockable mascot play, and that all makes the game play faster and more electric. It’s a smart changeup from everything else in the package, with surprising depth: You can play through a campaign mode in Threes as well.

It’s all a solid sports video game package from a quietly solid sports video game. NHL 18 isn’t destined to go down as one of the greatest sports games you’ve ever played, but make no mistake about this: It is solid fun.

Analyze Flaws in Albion Online

There is still a long way for Albion Online, we can ignore some issues, which is the gradation of risk for reward. I think we have three problems here. We are so happy that Albion was released in last month, is this game perfect now? Of course not, Let me elaborate.

Three Main Problems in Red Blue Yellow Black Zones

-Problem A: Yet, one of the latest patches has seen all the node cooldowns halved in blue zones. Blue Zone is supposed to be lowest risk, lowest reward. It’s making blue zones into lowest risk, moderate reward. It shouldn’t be, as it is inundating the market with cheaper goods.

-Problem B: Nowadays, the only flagged people you catch are people with double-bladed staff // claws because it’s the only way they can catch their prey AND have a chance to escape the Blue Vulture Zerg. Red Zone is supposed to be high risk, high albion online silver reward. Yet, several factors (3s dismount rule, skulls on mini-map, extremely punishing reputation system) compound to make it low risk, high reward. It used to be that you’d have roving groups of reds (PvP flagged people) with different types of gear trying to kill people. Spend any amount of time in Creag Morr, for example, and you will see what I mean. Anytime a skull pops on the mini-map, a good dozen blue guys just converge on that position. They’re not trying to PvP. In turn, it has attracted a new breed of player: the blue vulture, who risks nothing. All in all, it’s making red zones a mockery of what they’re supposed to be. They’re just trying to get scraps or jump on one or two “gankers”. See, the issue here is that it has forced the gankers to go into a niche, making it more dangerous for players such as yourself (solo players) who will get jumped and have virtually no chance of escaping, while making it impossible for said gankers (who have to specialize in shitty weapons) to do anything but gank.

-Problem C: It’s squeezed in between moderate reward Blue Zones with no risk and higher reward red zones with little risk. Given that Red Zones are extremely easy to go through and profit from because of Low Risk, High Reward, it has left us with pointless Yellow Zones who serve no purpose.

Ideally, we should have this system:

Blue Zone: Lowest Risk, Lowest Reward.

Yellow Zone: Moderate Risk, Moderate Reward.

Red Zone: High Risk, High Reward

Black Zone: Highest Risk, Highest Reward.

It’d still warn close-by players that something nefarious just happened, but wouldn’t warn entire zergs. I personally think we need to do away with skulls on the mini-map, unless you happen to be close by (say 100m). I think Blue Zones should be back to regular cooldowns on nodes. I think the 3s dismount rule should be reduced to 2s, maybe 2.5s and that the reputation system needs to be reworked entirely. Also, negative reputation shouldn’t prevent one from going to Red Zones or Expeditions. Blue/Yellow? Sure. But Red is supposed to be dangerous. It shouldn’t take 12 hours of dungeon farming to regain the reputation lost by killing a handful of guys.

I would make blue zones less appealing for carebear gatherers and thus bring back a sense of purpose to Yellow Zones. Red Zones is really dangerous place for the single player like me, so I want to join a group to against other guild. Always is ready to offer you the Cheapest Albion Online Gold and help you win in the game !

Kyle Juszczyk, James Develin & Patrick DiMarco Are The Best Fullbacks In Madden 18

Exactly! They are a vital part of any team and EA has released the stats for the best full backs in Madden 18 and that is what we are looking at today. Ok so the full back may not be the most glamorous position, but how many times have you had victory snatched away from you because of a full back?

Kyle Juszczyk: San Francisco 49ers

Kyle Juszczyk

Juszczyk is the highest rated player on the whole 49ers squad and we think that he is going to be a lot of fun to play with. His awareness, speed, and accuracy are all rated in the 80’s and his agility and strength in the high 70’s so he is a very versatile player who is sure to be very popular in ultimate team. He is the highest rated full back in Madden 18 at 91.

James Develin: New England Patriots

James Develin

What we like about Develin is that he is the perfect player for those of you who want a full back who is just all about smashing the opposition by blocking runs. Rated at 84 overall, he is a real stand out player on the Patriots squad. His strength rating is 87 which is the highest out of all the full backs that are in Madden 18.

Patrick DiMarco: Buffalo Bills

Patrick DiMarco

We like how with DiMarco you have a player who is pretty solid as a run blocker, Patrick DiMarco is rated at 84 as well, but he also can juke and spin a little so you might actually be able to score a few extra yards with him as well. we feel that he would be a very unsung hero on any Madden ultimate team. He may not be as flashy as the two above him.

It is also worth mentioning that Aaron Ripkowski of the Green Bay Packers and Andy Janovich of the Denver Broncos are also rated in the low 80’s as well. If you are excited for this year’s Madden make sure you are ready by taking a look at our Cheap and Safe Madden 18 coins !

NBA 2K18 Reveal Player Ratings in A Way Differ From Tradition

Now, NBA 2K18 fans can finally know the top 10 players ratings, it’s really a anxious waiting for them. There are some difference about the ratings judgement compared to previous days, we can see the 2K posted those list at a time rather than one by one, most people would prefer this method, i think, Since it saves a lot of boring time to guess who will be the next one. Among the top 10 lists, DeMarcus Cousins is the most powerful players, he ranked first if he had asked the previous rating standard, but he didn’t. As you can see, KArl-Anthony Towns is taking a deep breath and keep calm dom, than sitting to wait for the next rating point.

nba 2k18

It’s easy to see KAT seize the top spot once the season begins. That’s especially the case considering the Wolves are expected to be a vastly improved team this year. Players like the Los Angeles Lakers’ Brook Lopez and Charlotte Hornets’ Dwight Howard may have a legitimate beef.

Neither man is among the Top 10 despite averaging 20.5 ppg and 5.4 rpg and 13.5 ppg and 12.7 rpg, respectively, last season. As I mentioned, these are just the ratings for the beginning of the season. Lopez and Howard will eahc have opportunities to ascend.

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