Cyberpunk 2077 is available to download now

Buy Cyberpunk 2077 Accounts Cyberpunk 2077 is available to download now on GOG and Steam platforms although gamers are encountering slow download speeds.And with other 500,000 players registered as playing the game on Steam it’s hardly surprising to find things getting stretched.

The only requirements are an AMD Radeon graphics card a Steam copy of the game (obviously) and the Mesa 20.1 git (Mesa is an open-source implementation for APIs like OpenCL and Vulkan). To see what’s recommended for best performance check out our list of Cyberpunk 2077 system requirements but note that you won’t want to use an Nvidia card.

The decline in the stock comes just days after CD Projekt’s shares reached their peak price of $125.5.Currently Cyberpunk is scored behind Red Dead Redemption 2 Grand Theft Auto V and CD Projekt’s own Witcher 3.

Burnout isn’t isolated to the game industry of course especially during a year in Cyberpunk 2077 Gift Giving which technologists everywhere had to wrestle with the stress and isolation of remote work. But it’s also an issue that clearly isn’t going away. For technologists who want to work within gaming it’s important to evaluate the company’s culture during the interview process (and talk to as many current and former employees as possible about their experiences); if something gives you a bad feeling perhaps it isn’t the opportunity for you.

The PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 includes ray-traced shadows reflections diffuse illumination global illumination and ambient occlusion along with NVIDIA DLSS.

A message from NVIDIA confirms: “Ray tracing enables visually next generation graphics which make Cyberpunk 2077 look and feel more cinematic and immersive. Sunlight shadows global illumination sky lighting emissive surfaces and reflections all look strikingly realistic. And DLSS is a must-have feature to play with ray tracing boosting frame rates while delivering beautiful crisp image quality.

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